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Biochemical properties

Pectate lyases are enzymes from plants and plant pathogens involved in the maceration and soft rotting of plant tissue [1]. They catalyze the eliminative cleavage of pectate, yielding oligosaccharides with 4-deoxy-α-D-mann-4-enuronosyl groups at their non-reducing ends. Pectate lyases are maximally expressed late in pollen development where they are involved in pectin degradation during pollen tube growth.

Allergens from this family

Two groups of allergens belong to this family. The group 1 Cupressaceae pollen allergens are major allergens identified in cedars, junipers, and cypresses [2]. Pectate lyases are also major allergens in weed pollen from the family Asteraceae (Amb a 1 from ragweed and Art v 6 from mugwort). There is only limited cross-reactivity between allergens from different plant families [3].



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Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF00544 Pectate lyase CL0268 Pectate lyase-like beta helix

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