AF076: Glycoside hydrolase family 15

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Biochemical properties

Glycoside hydrolase family 15 comprises enzymes with several known activities: glucoamylase, α-glucosidase, and glucodextranase. Glucoamylase catalyzes the release of D-glucose from the non-reducing ends of starch and other oligo or polysaccharides. This family also includes phosphorylase b kinase, which catalyzes the phosphorylation of serine in certain substrates, such as troponin I.

Allergens from this family

Fungal glucoamylases were identified as minor allergen in Apergillus niger [1] and as major allergen in Schizophyllum commune [2].



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    J Allergy Clin Immunol 1998, 102, 256-64. [PubMed]
  2. Toyotome T, Satoh M, Yahiro M, Watanabe A, Nomura F, Kamei K:
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    Clin Exp Allergy 2014, 44, 450-7. [PubMed] [Full Text]


Links to Pfam

Family-defining Pfam domains (at least one of these domains is present in each family member):

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF00723 Glycosyl hydrolases family 15 CL0059 Six-hairpin glycosidase superfamily

Additional Pfam domains found in some family members:

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF00686 Starch binding domain CL0369 Glycosyl hydrolase domain superfamily


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