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Biochemical properties

Berberine bridge and berberine bridge-like enzymes are plant enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of numerous isoquinoline alkaloids. Berberine bridge enzymes catalyze the transformation of the N-methyl group of (S)-reticuline into the C-8 berberine bridge carbon of (S)-scoulerine [1]. Members of this family are flavoproteins that contain a conserved FAD-binding domain.

Allergens from this family

The first identified allergen from this family was BG60 from Bermuda grass pollen [2]. Homology to BBEs was also found for Phl p 4 from timothy grass [3], Api g 5 from celery tuber [4], and a high molecular weight allergen from Brassica napus pollen [5]. These allergens are glycoproteins and were originally thought to bind human IgE exclusively via their N-liked glycan moieties. However, recombinant Phl p 4 expressed in Escherichia coli bound IgE of nearly all sera of nPhl p 4-sensitized patients [3].



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Family-defining Pfam domains (at least one of these domains is present in each family member):

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF01565 FAD binding domain CL0077 PCMH-like FAD binding
PF08031 Berberine and berberine like CL0277 FAD-linked oxidase C-terminal domain superfamily


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