AF108: DJ-1/PfpI family

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Biochemical properties

This entry contains a diverse group of proteins, which include proteins involved in RNA-protein interaction regulation, thiamine biosynthesis, Ras-related signal transduction, and proteases. Members of this family are found in archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes.

Allergens from this family

Cand a 3 from the yeast Candida albicans belongs to this family [1].



  1. Chou H, Tam MF, Chang CY, Lai HY, Huang MH, Chou CT, Lee SS, Shen HD:
    Characterization of a novel Candida albicans 29 kDa IgE-binding protein--purification, cDNA isolation and heterologous expression of Cand a 3.
    Allergy 2003, 58, 1157-64. [PubMed]


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Family-defining Pfam domains (at least one of these domains is present in each family member):

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF01965 DJ-1/PfpI family CL0014 Class-I Glutamine amidotransferase superfamily


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