AF112: Plastocyanin

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Biochemical properties

Blue (type-1) copper proteins are small proteins which bind a single copper atom and which are characterized by an intense electronic absorption band near 600 nm. The best known members of this family are the plant chloroplastic plastocyanins, which exchange electrons with cytochrome c6, and the distantly related bacterial azurins, which exchange electrons with cytochrome c551 [1].

Allergens from this family

The only allergenic member of this family is Amb a 3 from ragweed pollen [2].



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Family-defining Pfam domains (at least one of these domains is present in each family member):

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF00127 Copper binding proteins, plastocyanin/azurin family CL0026 Multicopper oxidase-like domain
PF02298 Plastocyanin-like domain CL0026 Multicopper oxidase-like domain

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