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Biochemical properties

SART-1 is a protein involved in cell cycle arrest and pre-mRNA splicing. It has been shown to be a component of U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex in human, Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Saccharomyces cerevisia. SART-1 is a known tumour antigen in a range of cancers.

Allergens from this family

Huma SART-1 was identified as an autoallergen for atopic dermatitis patients [1].



  1. Valenta R, Natter S, Seiberler S, Wichlas S, Maurer D, Hess M, Pavelka M, Grote M, Ferreira F, Szepfalusi Z, Valent P, Stingl G:
    Molecular characterization of an autoallergen, Hom s 1, identified by serum IgE from atopic dermatitis patients.
    J Invest Dermatol 1998, 111, 1178-83. [PubMed] [Full Text]


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