AF121: BCL7 family

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Biochemical properties

The members of this family contain a conserved N-terminal domain. The functions of BCL7 proteins are unknown, though they may be involved in early development [1].

Allergens from this family

Human BCL7B was identified as an autoallergen for atopic dermatitis patients [2].



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    Gene 1998, 224, 35-44. [PubMed]
  2. Natter S, Seiberler S, Hufnagl P, Binder BR, Hirschl AM, Ring J, Abeck D, Schmidt T, Valent P, Valenta R:
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    FASEB J 1998, 12, 1559-69. [PubMed]


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Family-defining Pfam domains (at least one of these domains is present in each family member):

Pfam domain Pfam clan
PF04714 BCL7, N-terminal conserver region -


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