AF125: Rubber elongation factor family

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Biochemical properties

This protein family consists of the highly related rubber elongation factor (REF), small rubber particle protein (SRPP) and stress-related protein (SRP). REF and SRPP are released from the rubber particle membrane into the cytosol during osmotic lysis of the sedimentable organelles (lutoids). The exact function of this family is unknown [1].

Allergens from this family

This family includes the two allergens Hev b 1 and Hev b 3 from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. These proteins were the most important allergens for latex allergic children with spina bifida, before the incidence of latex allergy in this group of patients could be remarkably reduced due to strict avoidance of exposure to latex [2].



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PF05755 Rubber elongation factor protein (REF) -

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