AF205: Inorganic pyrophosphatase

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Biochemical properties

Inorganic pyrophosphatase (PPase) is the ubiquitous enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of pyrophosphate, which is formed as the product of the many biosynthetic reactions that utilise ATP. All known PPases require the presence of divalent metal cations, with magnesium conferring the highest activity. The sequences of PPases share some regions of similarities, among which is a region that contains three conserved aspartates that are involved in the binding of cations [1].

Allergens from this family

A PPase from house dust mite was identified as a minor allergen and named Der f 32.



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    Evolutionary conservation of the active site of soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase.
    Trends Biochem Sci 1992, 17, 262-6. [PubMed]


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