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AF031: Enolase

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12 allergenies from all sources with all routes of exposure found (sorted by route of exposure).

Name Links to allergen DBs Source Group Routes of exposure
Cand a enolase AllergenOnline Candida albicans (Yeast) Fungi Contact
Hev b 9 IUIS AllergenOnline Hevea brasiliensis (Para rubber tree) Plants Contact
Fen m enolase AllergenOnline Fenneropenaeus merguiensis (Banana Prawn) Animals Ingestion
Gal d 9 IUIS Gallus domesticus (Gallus gallus) (Chicken) Animals Ingestion
Sal s 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) Animals Ingestion
Thu a enolase AllergenOnline Thunnus albacares (Yellowfin tuna) Animals Ingestion
Alt a 6 IUIS AllergenOnline Alternaria alternata (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Asp f 22 IUIS AllergenOnline Aspergillus fumigatus (Neosartorya fumigata) (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Cla h 6 IUIS AllergenOnline Cladosporium herbarum (Davidiella tassiana) (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Cur l 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Curvularia lunata (Cochliobolus lunatus) (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Pen c 22 IUIS AllergenOnline Penicillium citrinum (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Rho m 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (Yeast) Fungi Inhalation

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