Doctoral and Diploma Theses

Daliah Heeger (N202)

Diploma Thesis Title (MD): Hormone and gender dependent differences in empathy

Co-Superviser Mag. Dr. Georg Kranz
Defensio October 1st , 2013 (Prof. R. Lanzenberger, Prof. D. Winkler, Prof. A. Kautzky-Willer)

Gregor Gryglewski (N202, 0942164)

Diploma Thesis Title (MD): Distribution of the serotonin reuptake transporters in the human brain comparing PET and post-mortem data.

Co-Superviser Dr. Markus Savli
Defensio September 9th , 2013 (Prof. W. Wadsak, Prof. Dietmar Winkler, Prof. Lanzenberger)

Georg Kranz, Mag.rer.nat. PhD Thesis in Clinical Neurosciences (N790)

Title: The influence of sex steroid hormones on serotonin transporter binding in the human brain investigated by PET.

Start November 2008
Mentors: Susanne Asenbaum-Nan, Clemens Tempfer.
Defensio Aug 19th , 2013 (Commission: S. Böhm, J. Berger, R. Lanzenberger).

Marie Spies, (N202)

Diploma Thesis Title (MD): The Influence of Cross-sex Hormone Therapy on Brain Activation During the Stop Signal Task Measured with Ultrahigh-field 7T Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Co-Superviser Mag. Dr. Georg Kranz
Defensio June 10th , 2013 (Prof. S. Kasper, Prof. A. Kautzky-Willer, Prof. Lanzenberger)

Andreas Hahn, BSc. MSc. FH.PhD Thesis in Clinical Neurosciences (N790)

Title: Optimized non-invasive quantification of neuronal receptorsin healthy condition and psychiatric disordersusing positron emission tomography.

Start October 2008 (N790)
Mentors: Richard Frey, Wolfgang Birkfellner.
Defensio Dec 5th, 2012 (Commission: Stefan Böhm, Michael Freissmuth, R. Lanzenberger)

Markus Savli, DI. Doctoral Thesis in Technical Sciences (E 086 860 059) at the Vienna University of Technology

Title: Higher order principles in distribution patterns of serotonergic receptor subtypes revealed by positron emission tomography.

1st supervisor: Frank Rattay Prof. DDr. / TU, 2nd supervisor: Rupert Lanzenberger A/Prof.Dr. / MUW.
Defensio October 15th, 2012

Alexander Kautzky, (N202, Matr.-Nr. 0742227)

Diploma Thesis Title (MD): The influence of genetic variants on serotonin transporter binding under SSRI treatment in Major Depressive Disorder.

Defensio May 31st, 2012 (Prof. W. Wadsak, Prof. A. Schosser-Haupt, Prof. R. Lanzenberger)

Sylwia Zgud, (N202, Matr.-Nr. 0308040)

Diploma Thesis Title (MD): Serotonin-1A receptor distribution in pre- and postmenopausal women quantified by PET and [/Carbonyl/-^11 C]WAY

Start June 2010
Defensio May 22nd, 2012 (Prof. Markus Mitterhauser, Prof. Richard Frey, Prof. R. Lanzenberger)

Regions of interest based comparison of molecular and functional data in multimodal neuroimaging using PET and functional MRI

MSc. Andreas Hahn, diploma thesis

June 2008

Sex differences in the serotonin-1A receptor distribution of the human brain measured by positron emission tomography

Dr.med. Patrycja Stein, doctoral thesis

May 2008

About the radiosynthesis and preclinical evaluation of innovative PET-tracers labelled with fluorine-18 and carbon-11 for neuroimaging

Dr.rer.nat.Mag.pharm. Leonhard-Key Mien, doctoral thesis

November 2007 (Defensio 16.11.2007)

Treatment Effects of Escitalopram on the 5-HT1A Receptor Binding Potential - A PET study in patients suffering from anxiety disorders

Dr.med. Jad Kanaan, doctoral thesis

August 2007

Comparison of serotonin1A receptor distribution and functional activation in the visual cortex -- A multimodal neuroimaging study combining quantitative molecular and high field functional magnetic resonance imaging in vivo

Dr.med. Florian Gerstl, doctoral thesis

June 2007

Effects of progesterone and estradiol on the human serotonergic neurotransmission - An investigation of 5-HT1A receptor distribution using PET and [carbonyl-11C]-WAY-100635

Dr.med. Christoph Spindelegger, doctoral thesis

December 2005

The influence of hormone replacement therapy on the cerebral serotonin-1A receptor distribution and mood in post-menopausal women.

Dr.med. Patrycja Stein, PhD thesis in Clinical Neurosciences

The influence of sex steroid hormones on serotonin transporter binding in the human brain investigated by PET.

Mag.rer.nat. Georg Kranz, PhD thesis in Clinical Neurosciences

Specific activation-profiles in fMRI-data of patients with anxiety-spectrum disorders and healthy controls - an exploratory approach.

Mag. Alexander Holik, PhD thesis in Clinical Neurosciences