AF100: Myosin heavy chain

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Biochemical properties

Myosin is a multi-subunit complex made up of two heavy chains and four light chains. It is a fundamental contractile protein found in all eukaryote cell types [1]. Most myosin molecules are composed of a head, neck, and tail domain. The head domain binds the actin filament and uses ATP hydrolysis to generate force and to "walk" along the filament. The neck domain acts as a linker and as a lever arm for transducing force generated by the catalytic motor domain. It also serves as a binding site for myosin light chains, which are members of the (EF hand family). The tail domain forms a coiled coil and mediates interaction with cargo molecules and other myosin subunits. The coiled-coil is composed of the tails from two molecules of myosin and assembles into the thick filament in muscle cells.

Allergens from this family

The group 11 mite allergens are paramyosins. They are highly cross-reactive major allergens [2].



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PF01576 Myosin tail -

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