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AF004: Eukaryotic aspartyl protease

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8 allergenies from all sources with all routes of exposure found (sorted by allergen name).

Name Links to allergen DBs Source Group Routes of exposure
Aed a 11 IUIS Aedes aegypti (Yellow fever mosquito) Animals Sting, bite
Asp f 10 IUIS AllergenOnline Aspergillus fumigatus (Neosartorya fumigata) (Mold) Fungi Inhalation
Bla g 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Blattella germanica (German cockroach) Animals Inhalation
Bla g 36 kd (pept 2) AllergenOnline Blattella germanica (German cockroach) Animals Inhalation
Cry j pepsin-like AllergenOnline Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese cedar) Plants Inhalation
Per a 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Periplaneta americana (American cockroach) Animals Inhalation
Rhi o 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Rhizopus oryzae (Mucormycosis agent) Fungi Inhalation
Sus s pepsin AllergenOnline Sus scrofa (Pig) Animals Inhalation

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