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AF087: Ole e 1 family

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16 allergenies from all sources with all routes of exposure found (sorted by allergen name).

Name Links to allergen DBs Source Group Routes of exposure
Aca f 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Acacia farnesiana (Vachellia farnesiana) (Needle bush) Plants Inhalation
Ama r 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Amaranthus retroflexus (Redroot pigweed) Plants Inhalation
Beta v 1 IUIS Beta vulgaris (Sugar beet) Plants Inhalation
Che a 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Chenopodium album (Lamb's-quarters) Plants Inhalation
Cro s 1 IUIS Crocus sativus (Saffron crocus) Plants Inhalation
Fra e 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Fraxinus excelsior (European ash) Plants Inhalation
Koc s 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Kochia scoparia (Bassia scoparia) (Burning bush) Plants Inhalation
Lig v 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Ligustrum vulgare (Privet) Plants Inhalation
Lol p 11 IUIS AllergenOnline Lolium perenne (Perennial ryegrass) Plants Inhalation
Ole e 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Olea europaea (Olive) Plants Inhalation
Phl p 11 IUIS AllergenOnline Phleum pratense (Timothy) Plants Inhalation
Pla l 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Plantago lanceolata (English plantain) Plants Inhalation
Pro j 1 IUIS Prosopis juliflora (Mesquite) Plants Inhalation
Sal k 5 IUIS AllergenOnline Salsola kali (Prickly saltwort) Plants Inhalation
Syr v 1 IUIS AllergenOnline Syringa vulgaris (Lilac) Plants Inhalation
Zea m Ole e 1-like AllergenOnline Zea mays (Maize) Plants Inhalation

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