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AF103: Hyaluronidase

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9 allergenies from all sources with all routes of exposure found (sorted by source organism group).

Name Links to allergen DBs Source Group Routes of exposure
Api m 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Apis mellifera (European honeybee) Animals Sting, bite
Dol m 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Dolichovespula maculata (Bald-faced hornet) Animals Sting, bite
Pol a 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Polistes annularis (Paper wasp) Animals Sting, bite
Poly p hyaluronidase AllergenOnline Polybia paulista (Neotropical social wasp) Animals Sting, bite
Tab y 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Tabanus yao (Horsefly) Animals Sting, bite
Ves g hyaluronidase AllergenOnline Vespula germanica (German yellow jacket) Animals Sting, bite
Ves m 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Vespula maculifrons (Eastern yellow jacket) Animals Sting, bite
Ves v 2 IUIS AllergenOnline Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket) Animals Sting, bite
Vesp ma hyaluronidase AllergenOnline Vespa magnifica (Hornet) Animals Sting, bite

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