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Forschungsprojekte der MedUni Wien

Die WissenschafterInnen der MedUni Wien lukrieren erfolgreich drittmittelfinanzierte Projekte:

TitelProjektleitung an der MedUni WienLaufzeit
RNAdeco: chemische Dekoration von RNAMichael F. Jantsch, Zentrum für Anatomie und Zellbiologienoch nicht begonnen

Regulation der T-Zell-vermittelten Immunität durch Histondeazetylasen

Wilfried Ellmeier, Zentrum für Pathophysiologie, Infektiologie und Immunologie01.03.2019 - 28.02.2023
Inflammation and ThrombosisJohannes Schmid, Zentrum für Physiologie und Pharmakologie01.03.2014 - 31.01.2022
Myeloproliferative Neoplasien Peter Valent, Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin I01.03.2013 - 28.02.2022
Strategien zur Prävention und Therapie von Allergien Rudolf Valenta, Zentrum für Pathophysiologie, Infektiologie und Immunologie01.02.2012 - 31.01.2020
RNA regulation of the transcriptome Michael F. JANTSCH (vormals Uni Wien), Zentrum für Anatomie und Zellbiologie01.02.2011 - 30.09.2019
Spezialforschungsbereiche an denen die MedUni Wien beteiligt ist:

Leitung: MedUni Graz
SFB Lipidhdrolyse: Zellulärer Fettabbau

Michael Trauner01.03.2019 - 28.02.2023

Leitung: Uni Wien
Tomographie auf allen Skalen

Wolfgang Drexler01.03.2018 - 28.02.2022
Leitung: VetMed Uni Wien
Chromatinlandschaften prägende Monarchien und Hierarchien
Sylvia Knapp01.03.2017 - 28.02.2021
TitelProjektleitung an der MedUni WienLaufzeit
Integrative StrukturbiologieTimothy Skern, Department für Medizinische Biochemie01.01.2016 - 31.12.2019
Molekulare, zelluläre und klinische Allergologie Winfried Pickl, Zentrum für Pathophysiologie, Infektiologie und Immunologie01.03.2013 - 28.02.2021
Inflammation and Immunity (IAI) Maria Sibilia, Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin I01.07.2007 - 31.12.2019
RNA Biology Andrea Barta, Institut für Medizinische Biochemie01.06.2007 - 31.12.2019
Zellkommunikation in Gesundheit und Krankheit (CCHD)Stefan Böhm, Institut für Pharmakologie01.09.2006 - 30.06.2020
Doktoratskollegs an denen die MedUni Wien beteiligt ist

Leitung: Uni Wien
Signalwege zur Regulation der zellulären Homäostase

Thomas Leonard, Christian Seiser, Arndt von Haeseler01.05.2017 - 30.04.2021
TitelProjektleitung an der MedUni WienLaufzeit
Medical Neuroscience Johannes Berger, Zentrum für Hirnforschung2018 - 2022

Molecular and Cellular Control of Tissue Homeostasis in Health and Disease – TissueHome

Karl Kuchler, Zentrum für Medizinische Biochemie2018 - 2022
Malignant DiseasesGergely Szakacs, Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin I2019 - 2024





CD-Labor für Applied metabolomics

Alexander Haug, Lukas Kenner

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc

01.11.2018 - 31.10.2025

CD-Labor für Argininmetabolismus in Rheumatoider Arthritis und Multipler Sklerosis

Gernot Schabbauer

Bio-Cancer Treatment International Limited

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2024

CD-Labor für Molekulare Stressforschung in der Peritonealdialyse

Klaus Kratochwill

Zytoprotec GmbH

01.03.2016 - 28.02.2023

CD-Labor für Klinische Molekulare MR Bildgebung

Siegfried Trattnig

Siemens AG Österreich

01.02.2015 - 31.01.2022

CD-Labor für Innovative Optische Bildgebung und deren Translation in die Medizin

Rainer Leitgeb

Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc., Exalos AG

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2021

CD-Labor für Okuläre und dermatologische Effekte von Thiomeren

René Werkmeister (Leopold Schmetterer)

Croma-Pharma Gesellschaft m.b.H.

01.01.2014 - 31.12.2020

CD-Labor für Ophthalmologische Bildanalyse

Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth

Novartis Pharma AG

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2019

CD-Labor für Wiederherstellung von Extremitätenfunktionen

Oscar Aszmann

Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH

01.01.2012 - 31.12.2018
Auslaufphase:  30.06.2019

CD-Labor für Medizinische Strahlenforschung für die Radioonkologie

Dietmar Georg

EBG MedAustron GmbH, PEG MedAustron GmbH, Siemens AG Österreich / Sector Healthcare, Elekta GmbH

01.01.2012 - 31.12.2018
Auslaufphase: 31.12.2019

WissenschafterInnen der MedUni Wien beteiligen sich zahlreich – zum Teil federführend – an den Ausschreibungen europäischer Förderprogramme. Dadurch konnten sie aus z.B. Horizon 2020, IMI, 3rd Health Programme beträchtliche Drittmittel für die Forschung einwerben.

Horizon 2020, IMI2, 3rd Health Programme u.a. (2014-2020)
Akronym und WebseiteProjektleitung MedUni WienProjekttitel
CORONADXSteininger ChristophThree Rapid Diagnostic tests (Point-of-Care) for COVID-19 CoronaThree Rapid Diagnostic tests (Point-of-Care) for Coronavirus, improving epidemic preparedness, public health and socio-economic benefits
DDREAMMLoizou JoannaDna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms
NeuroTransStockner ThomasNEUROtransmitter TRANSporters: from single molecules to human pathologies
DC-renOberbauer RainerDrug combinations for rewriting trajectories of renal pathologies in type II diabetes (DC-ren)
HandheldOCTDrexler WolfgangHandheld optical coherence tomography
PROSCOPEAngelika UnterhuberPoint-of-care instrument for diagnosis and image-guided intervention of Colo-Rectal Cancer
SCANNERLuf AntonUnderstanding the dynamics and consequences of New Psychoactive Substances use in a rapidly changing (online) drug market
EU-PEARLKönig FranzEU Patient- cEntric clinicAl tRial pLatform
SUSINCHAIN Epstein Michelle SUStainable INsect CHAIN
TIPAT Zeitlinger Markus Training towards Personalized Antibiotic Treatment
NEUcrest Adameyko Igor Training European Experts in Multiscale Studies of Neural Crest Development and Disorders: from Patient to Model Systems and Back again.
SECRET Dolznig Helmut Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research
CANCERPREV Wagner Erwin Innovative strategies for cancer prevention with focus on sex hormone signaling and chronic inflammation
GLU-IMAGE Bednarik Petr Glutamate dynamics during visual stimulation and ketamine challenge in the human brain
AB-DiRecT Zeitlinger Markus Antibiotic Distribution and Recovery in Tissue
RespiriTB Zeitlinger Markus Progress new assets (one pre-new molecular entity and one first-time-in-human start) for tuberculosis that act synergistically with bedaquiline, cytochrome bc or cytochrome bd inhibitors
RespiriNTM Zeitlinger Markus Progress novel assets (one FIH start) for non-tubercular mycobacteria that may act synergistically with bedaquiline and cytochrome bc drugs
ECMO-BIOMARKER Schellongowski Peter Delivering ECMO-BIOMARKER – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ECMO Biomarker system providing clinicians with bedside decision support for better care and reduced costs of severe ICU patients
NeuroDeRisk Ernst Margot Neurotoxicity De-Risking in Preclinical Drug Discovery
Natural BionicS Aszmann Oskar Natural Integration of Bionic Limbs via Spinal Interfacing
CANCER SCANPinker-Domenig KatjaA Body Scan for Cancer Detection using Quantum Technology
triboREMEDYSommer ReginaThe triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health
PIPPIStamm TanjaPlatform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation
I-LIVE  Simon Judit Living well, dying well. A research programme to support living until the end
HERA     Schernhammer Eva  Integrating Environment and Health Research: a Vision for the EU
SoNAR-Global    Kutalek RuthA Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance
NeuHeartMoscato Francesco A neuroprosthesis to restore the vagal-cardiac closed-loop connection after heart transplantation
HELICAL   Kain Renate HEalth data LInkage for ClinicAL benefit
IMPROVE-PDAufricht Christoph Identification and Management of Patients at Risk – Outcome and Vascular Events in Peritoneal Dialysis
FoodEnTwinEpstein Michelle Twinning of research activities for the frontier research in the fields of food, nutrition and environmental ‘omics
PFC-AMY   Windischberger Christian  Functional networks underlying emotion processing
SCOUTHeinze Georg  Supporting Causal Conclusions from Observational Survival Studies
NeuroLSD Stulnig Thomas Neuro-metabolic, structural and functional hallmarks of Lysosomal Storage Diseases
MATURE-NKVon Haeseler ArndtMAnufacturing of TUmour-REactive Natural Killer cells
CSI-FunWagner ErwinChronic Systemic Inflammation: Functional organ cross-talk in inflammatory disease and cancer
NPC-BUILDKöhler AlwinThe Nuclear Pore Basket – Functional Architecture of a Membrane Remodeling Machine
ITCC-P4Berger WalterITCC Pediatric Preclinical POC Platform
HARMONYDruml ChristianeHealthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in HematologY
BEAt-DKDOberbauer RainerBiomarker Enterprise to Attack DKD
PRECONFIGLangs GeorgLearning and PREdiction based on the PREnatal CONnectome FInGerprint
MERLINPircher Michael  Multi-modal, multi-scale retinal imaging
BigMedilyticsProsch HelmutBig Data for Medical Analytics
OSTEOproSPINEWindhager ReinhardNovel Bone Regeneration Drug Osteogrow: Therapeutic Solution for Lumbar Back Pain
PECUNIA    Simon JuditProgrammE in Costing, resource use measurement and outcome valuation for Use in multi-sectoral National and International health economic evaluAtions
RE-DEFINEWancata JohannesRefugee Emergency: DEFining and Implementing Novel Evidence-based psychosocial interventions
EU-VIORMEDWancata JohannesEuropean Study on Risk Factors for Violence in Mental Disorder and Forensic Care: a multicentre project
META-CANSibilia MariaTargeting the metabolism-immune system connections in Cancer
TRABITLangs GeorgTranslational Brain Imaging Training Network
CaReSyAn    Heinze Georg Combatting the CardioRenal Syndrome: towards an integrative Analysis to reduce cardiovascular burden in chronic kidney disease
HYBRIDBeyer ThomasInnovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and  entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts
RTCure Steiner Günter    Rheuma Tolerance for Cure
LITMUS   Trauner Michael  Liver Investigation: Testing Marker Utility in Steatohepatitis
AllerScreeningUntersmayr-Elsenhuber EvaPoint-of-care device based on KETs for diagnosis of food allergies
ChipScopeGeleff SilvanaOvercoming the Limits of Diffraction with Superresolution Lighting on a Chip
ReGenHeartPavone-Gyöngyösi MariannClinical development and proof of principle testing of new regenerative VEGF-D therapy for cost-effective treatment of refractory angina, A phase II randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study
KidsAPRami-Merhar BirgitThe artificial pancreas in children aged 1 to 7 years with type 1 diabetes
MOONLeitgeb RainerMulti-modal Optical Diagnostics for Ocular and Neurodegenerative Disease
ESOTRACDrexler WolfgangHybrid optical and optoacoustic endoscope for esophageal tracking
CResPacePavone-Gyöngyösi MariannAdaptive Bio-electronics for Chronic Cardiorespiratory Disease
HBM4EUMoshammer HannsEuropean Human Biomonitoring Initiative
TEAMAkkaya-Kalayci TürkanTechnology Enabled Adolescent Mental Health
FBILeitgeb RainerMultimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging
EN_ACTI2NGHuppa JohannesEuropean Network on Anti-Cancer Immuno-Therapy Improvement by modification of CAR and TCR Interactions and Nanoscale Geometry
Secret-CellsHarkany TiborCellular diversity and stress-induced cell-state switches in the mammalian hypothalamus
TNT-TUMORSSibilia MariaTherapeutic approaches to enhance innate immunity against Tumors
ID-LYMEStockinger HannesA novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease
GSAORIPircher MichaelGuide Stars Adaptive Optics for Retinal Imaging
SmartResilienceKlimek PeterSmart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures
EUR-HUMANHoffmann KathrynEUropean Refugees - HUman Movement and Advisory Network
HYPMEDHelbich ThomasDigital Hybrid Breast PET/MRI for Enhanced Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
MIBDrexler WolfgangMulti-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for Point-of-Care Diagnosis
ALBINOKlebermaß-Schrehof KatrinEffect of ALlopurinol in addition to hypothermia for hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury on Neurocognitive Outcome
RELENTKain RenateRELapses prevENTion in chronic autoimmune disease: common mechanisms and co-morbidities
U-PGxSamwald MatthiasUbiquitous Pharmacogenomics (U-PGx): Making actionable pharmacogenomic data and effective treatment optimization accessible to every European citizen
MURABHelbich ThomasMRI and Ultrasound Robotic Assisted Biopsy
OCTCHIPDrexler WolfgangOphthalmic OCT on a Chip
FOLSMARTStockinger HannesFolate-Target Nanodevies To Activated Macrophages For Rheumatoid Arthritis
ENLIGHT-TENEllmeier WilfriedEuropean Network linking informatics and genomics of helper T cells
ALKATRASMerkel OlafALK Activation as a target of TRAanslational Science (ALKATRAS): Break free from cancer
CaSR BiomedicineKallay EniköCalcium-Sensing Receptor (CaSR): Therapeutics for Non-Communicable Diseases
CORBELWolzt MichaelCoordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services
RD-ACTIONVoigtlaender TillPromoting Implementation of Recommendations on Policy, Information and Data for Rare Diseases
OPTIMALZBaumann BernhardOptical imaging of ocular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease
CONCERTDörr WolfgangEuropean Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research
STEMMING-FROM-NERVEAdameyko IgoTargeted Cell Recruitment During Organogenesis And Regeneration: Glia Makes The Tooth
ELASTISLETEpstein MichelleTailored Elastin-like Recombinamers as Advanced Systems for Cell Therapies in Diabetes Mellitus: a Synthetic Biology Approach towards a Bioeffective and Immunoisolated Biosimilar Islet/Cell Niche
IgEPathStarkl PhilippIgEPath - Contributions of IgE-antibodies and IgE effector cells to host defense against pathogenic bacteria
RitrainWolzt MichaelReseach Infrastructures Training Programme
ICareKarwautz AndreasIntegrating Technology into Mental Health Care Delivery in Europe
BRIDGE HealthSimon JuditBRidging Information and Data Generation for Evidence-based Health Policy and Research
IDEAS König FranzImproving Design, Evaluation and Analysis of early drug development Studies
SciencePavone-Gyöngyösi MariannStem Cell therapy in IschEmic Non-treatable Cardiac diseasE (SCIENCE)
Akronym und Webseite Projektleitung MedUni WienProjekttitel
3D3CSIDrexler WolfgangThree-dimensional Clinical Coherent Chemically-sensitive Imaging
Academic GMPGreinix HildegardThe impact of Regulation (EC) No 1394/2007 on the development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs): an academic perspective
Freissmuth MichaelIdentification of the protein interactome of the A2A-adenosine receptor
AHEAD IIIBaumgartner Wolf-DieterAssessment of hearing in the elderly: Ageing and degeneration - Integration through immediate intervention
AlchemViennaHorn SonjaAlchemical Manuscripts in Medical Vienna, 14th-17th century
ASRNAbidoPhysLeodolter-Barta AndreaIdentification of light signaling components in the regulation of alternative splicing in plants
BARDiagCacsire Castillo-Tong DanBiomarker tests for early cancer detection
BIOPSYPENDrexler WolfgangOptical biopsy pen: A compact and low-cost diagnostic tool for dermatology based on high-performing integrated OCT
BONEMATCHLangs GeorgBone Multi-modal Automated Trabecular Histomorphometry
CARAMELHoffmann-Sommergruber KarinImpact of food matrix interaction and post-translational modifications on the allergenicity of Mal d 3, a major apple allergen
CELLEUROPEGreinix HildegardImproving HSCT By Validation Of Biomarkers & Development Of Novel Cellular Therapies
CLL_INCLONELJäger UlrichIdentification and functional dissection of key genetic events in early chronic lymphocytic leukemia
CREAM Windischberger ChristianCReativity Enhancement through Advanced brain Mapping and stimulation
CRISISThurner StefanComplexity Research Initiative for Systemic InstabilitieS
CytoThreatKnasmüller SiegfriedFate and effects of cytostatic pharmaceuticals in the environment and identification of biomarkers for an improved risk assessment on environmental exposure
DIONICOS Thurner StefanDynamics of and in Complex Systems
ECRIN-PPIWolzt MichaelEuropean clinical research infrastructures network for clinical trials and biotherapy - preparatory phase for the infrastructure
ENCE-CF-LAM-LTXKlepetko WalterEuropean Networks of Centres of Expertise for CF (Cystic Fibrosis), LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis), and LTX (Lung Transplantation)
ENEPIAEpstein MichelleENvironment, EPigenetics and the Initiation of Allergic asthma
EngCaBraBreiteneder HeimoBiomedical engineering for cancer and brain disease diagnosis and therapy development
Epigenetic markerEgger GerdaEvaluation of epigenetic biomarkers in prostate cancer patients before and after hormone ablation therapy
eSMARTGaiger AlexanderRandomised controlled trial to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS) Remote Technology for patients with cancers
eurIPFnetKlepetko WalterEuropean IPF Network: Natural course, Pathomechanisms and Novel Treatment Options in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
EURIPIDESLanger OliverEUropean Research initiative to develop Imaging Probes for early In-vivo Diagnosis and Evaluation of response to therapeutic Substances
Euro-TEAMSteiner GünterTowards Early diagnosis and biomarker validation in Arthritis Management
FABRICLangs GeorgExploring the Formation and Adaption of the Brain Connectime
FAMOSDrexler WolfgangFunctional anatomical molecular optical screening
FLIP Trauner MichaelFatty liver: Inhibition of Progression
FLU-PHARMWolzt Michael (vormals Wachek)New drugs targeting influenza virus polymerase
FUN OCTDrexler WolfgangFunctional optical coherence tomography
FUNGITECTKuchler KarlOptimized Diagnostics for Improved Treatment Stratification in Invasive Fungal Diseases
GATA3 in KIDNEYRees AndrewThe role of the transcription factor GATA3 in kidney function and disease
GMSAFOODEpstein MichelleBiomarkers for post market monitoring of short and long-term effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on animal and human health
HIPPOCHRONO-CIRCUITRYKlausberger ThomasThe chronocircuitry of the hippocampus during cognitive behaviour
HTDDSFMTSaydam OkayHigh throughput drug discovery studies for meningioma therapeutics
ICRELDruml ChristianeImpact on Clinical Research of European Legislation
IDEALKönig FranzIntegrated DEsign and AnaLsis of small population group trials
ImResFunKuchler KarlMolecular Mechanisms of Fungal Pathogen Host Interactions
Infarct Cell TherapyHofer ErhardTherapy after heart infarct: prevention of reperfusion injury and repair by stem cell transfer
InnovaBoneEpstein Michellenovel biomimetic strategy for bone regeneration
INSITEThurner StefanThe Innovation Society, Sustainability, and ICT
INTRICATEKain RenateInfectious triggers of chronic autoimmunity
iSPACETrimmel Michaelinnovative Systems for Personalised Aircraft Cabin Environment
KHRESMOILangs GeorgKnowledge Helper for Medical and Other Information users
KidneyConnectKerjaschki DontschoA Gateway to European Kidney Research Resources - KidneyConnect
LENAMale ChristophLabeling of Enalapril from Neonates up to Adolescents
MasterswitchSmolen Josef Mechanisms to Attack Steering Effectors of Rheumatoid Syndromes with Innovated Therapy Choices
MeDALLValenta RudolfMechanisms of the Development of ALLergy
MIR182_KIDNEY-TXOberbauer RainermiR-182 as new Therapeutical Target in Renal Transplantation
MOBI-KIDSKundi MichaelRisk of brain cancer from exposure to radiofrequency fields in childhood and adolescence
MULTIPLEXThurner StefanFoundational Research on MULTIlevel comPLEX networks and systems
NATURIMMUNHofer ErhardNatural killer cell-based anti-cancer immunotherapies
NeuroKineLassmann HansInitial Training Network for Neurogical disorders orchestrated by cytoKines
NPC GENEXPRESSKöhler AlwinThe nuclear pore connection: adaptor complexes bridging genome regulation and nuclear transport
P3AGIEpstein MichellePublic Private Partnership for Asthma Imaging and Genomics
PAINCAGEHarkany TiborThe NGF system and its interplay with endocannabinoid signalling, from peripheral sensory terminals to the brain: new targets for the development of next generation drugs for neuropathic pain
PASODOBLE Jäger SiegfriedPromote Air Quality Services integrating Observations – Development Of Basic Localised Information for Europe
PreDictaValenta RudolfPost-infectious immune reprogramming and its association with persistence and chronicity of respiratory allergic diseases
PSYSCANGabriele SachsTranslating neuromaging findings from research into clinical practice
PU.1 AntisenseJäger UlrichRole of antisense RNAs on PU.1 regulation and hematopoiesis
RareDisease-PlatformVoigtländer TillA European Platform of Integrated Information Services for Researchers in the Field of Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs Supporting Team and Project Building
RESOLVEZiesche RolfResolve Chronic Inflammation and Achieve Healthy Aging by Understanding Non-regenerative Repair
ROBOGYN Birkfellner WolfgangRobotic Gynecological Brachytherapy
Th2MEMORYEpstein MichelleIdentification of key chemokine-chemokine receptor interactions that control the memory Th2 cells in allergic asthma
TOBIStulnig ThomasTargeting OBesity-driven Inflammation
TransVIRRees AndrewTranslational Science for Vascular Inflammation and Remodelling
ULICEGeorg DietmarUnion of Light-Ion Centres in Europe
UNICELLSYSKuchler KarlEukaryotic unicellular organism biology – systems biology of the control of cell growth and proliferation
VBC ERNSkern TimothyVienna Biocenter European Researchers Night
VISCERALLangs GeorgVISual Concept Extraction challenge in RAdioLogy
VPH-PRISMHelbich ThomasVirtual Physiological Human: Personalized Predictive Breast Cancer Therapy Through Integrated Tissue Micro-Structure Modeling