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Documents and forms

Here will you find all administrative forms and documents that are required during the PhD program. The working language for our PhD studies is English, therefore all documents must be written in English please. Thank you!
Admission (PDF, 191KB)
Your application for admission form 31.10.2021
Admission (PDF, 191KB)
Your PhD thesis project concept form 31.10.2021
Admission (PDF, 404KB)
Your admission checklist 31.10.2021
Mid Term (DOCX, 59KB)
Your thesis proposal WORD 31.10.2021
Mid Term (PDF, 140KB)
Your thesis proposal PDF 31.10.2021
Mid Term (PDF, 185KB)
Your annual progress report with your thesis committee member 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 30KB)
Thesis compilation step by step 31.10.2021
Final Phase (DOC, 727KB)
Thesis cover page N94 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 198KB)
Thesis formatting rules 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 47KB)
Your application for thesis theme blocking 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 20KB)
Non disclosure agreement 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 352KB)
Declaration of consent 31.10.2021
Final Phase (PDF, 46KB)
Ethics declaration 31.10.2021