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Notification of continuation of studies

Observe the specified deadlines under admission periods.

Students are required to re-register (enroll) each semester. If this re-registration is not done, the student will be exmatriculated at the end of the grace period. Students are not entitled to take courses or examinations in the semester in which they have not registered. Examinations taken contrary to these regulations are null and void.

Re-registration for the second or a higher semester takes place by paying the tuition fee or student union contribution (ÖH fee). The relevant information will be published at the beginning of the admission period in MedCampus under the item "Tuition fee status".

Students who do not see an addition of the semester fee three weeks after payment of the semester fee in MedCampus must complain about this immediately, at the latest, however, one week after the end of the grace period in the Department for student affairs (through e-mail: by means of a transfer voucher.

The continuation of studies must be reported to any university at which a valid admission to regular studies exists. Failure to continue by the end of the grace period will result in closure of the study program.

Study documents (study sheet and study confirmation) can be printed out in MedCampus under the item "Study confirmations".


Expiry of admission:

If no re-registration is made for a semester, admission to the study program expires at the end of the grace period for that semester.


Leaving certificates:

If you leave the university before completing your studies, you will be issued a leaving certificate upon application. The leaving certificate is study-related and contains a list of the examinations taken, but no information on the semesters enrolled.

In the event of a change of university, this leaving certificate must be submitted to the new university on the occasion of admission to studies. The right to take examinations at the former university expires at the time of departure.