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24. April 2018

New approach discovered for early detection of pre-eclampsia

Measuring the blood concentration of the enzyme diamine oxidase, which is the enzyme jointly responsible for breaking down histamine in the body
19. April 2018

Did Hans Asperger actively assist the Nazi euthanasia program?

Pediatrician Hans Asperger actively cooperated with the Nazi regime, according to a study by Herwig Czech published in the journal Molecular Autism.
24. April 2018

CCC-TRIO Award: 10.000 Euro an herausragende Forschungsarbeiten vergeben

Auszeichnung für Forschungsarbeiten im Bereich der translationalen Krebsforschung
19. April 2018

Our genes dictate who develops an allergy

Vaccinations to protect against allergies are the vision – Immunology Week from 22 – 28 April 2018

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