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18. July 2017

Cause of chemoresistance in small cell lung cancer discovered

Circulating tumour cells combine, making previously chemo-sensitive cells into chemo-resistant cell complexes
17. July 2017

KinderuniMedizin now underway: 87 classes with 6,000 student places based on the theme: "Saving lives, helping people"

You are never too young to learn about health, especially emergency medicine and First Aid
21. July 2017

Johannes Längle obtains Fellinger Cancer Research funding

Project on induction of T-cells to combat colon cancer
19. July 2017

MedUni Wien trauert um Erhard Suess

Stationsführender Oberarzt der Universitätsklinik für Neurologie verstorben
07. August 2017 14:00 PM-15:30 PM
ICR - Impromptu Seminar: Özge Uluckan
08. August 2017 15:00 PM-16:30 PM
ICR-Impromptu Seminar: Juan Rodriguez-Vita
08. August 2017 12:00 PM-13:30 PM
ICR-Impromptu Seminar: Toni Celià-Terrasa

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