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PhD Program

UN 094


Dear PhD students and Fellows,

First, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Medical University. It is always a great feeling to be surrounded by likeminded people sharing the same passion for research.

On behalf of Medical University of Vienna, let me say that we are very pleased that you have accepted our offer to become part of our research community. We feel privileged that you have chosen to become an early stage researcher at our institute. This is your first step towards an independent professional research career. Our university and the Doctoral School Team will do their best to offer you maximum support in this endeavor and accompany you all the way to your graduation.

To help you find your way at the start of your doctorate, we placed all the relevant information on this web page. The first steps you need to take are: (i) together with your supervisor, define a thesis project; (ii) in collaboration with this supervisor, submit a thesis concept in order to get registered at the university; and (iii) handle all administrative matters so as to gain full access to our facilities. That’s it! You are now ready to start your research project and set off on your journey to personal growth.  

Your supervisor is your primary contact at the university and it’s their responsibility to guide you through your studies and training as well as to create an environment where you can foster your talents and research. Thus, feel free to seek advice from your supervisor on any matter regarding your career and/or your stay here with us. Nevertheless, you are the co-creator of your career and it is expected that you will use all the opportunities handed to you wisely to develop your abilities further so as to become an excellent researcher and leader in the future.

In this spirit, I wish you a successful start and a wonderful and enlightening time at the Medical University of Vienna.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Boehm
Director of the Doctoral School

We are very pleased to see you at the information hub of the PhD Programme UN094. We have collected and gathered here all necessairy the information to successfully complete your PhD studies. If you have any questions regarding your employer-employee relationship, please consult our MedCampus or intranet sites.



Corona Information

Sonderregelungen COVID-19 Maßnahmen für das PhD-Programm.

PhD Information Hub

  • Welcome walk for new PhD students : The PhD Office organises a city walk for new PhD students every year in March and October to give you the opportunity to meet other PhD students outside your group/area. All supervisors are informed about the event at the beginning of each semester and asked to give new PhD students the day off for the walk. Nevertheless, please briefly discuss participation with your supervisor and register for the event via email. Thank you very much!

  • Curriculum plan and course description

  • Course registration
  • Thematic programs
  • Supervisor list
  • Forms and documents 
  • PhD program Coordinators 





  • Your Doctoral Studies Team
  • Forms and documents
  • Tuition fees
  • YSA  (Youth Science Assossiation) : Meet your peers and/or get active for your community. In person or on social media such as FB or Instagram
  • Best practise of science work
  • Academic calendar
  • Code of practise for PhD students & supervisor
  • Student ID : Your  student ID will enable you to have full access to all university facilities, such as the libary or to benefit from student discounts. You will recieve it at the beginning of your studies and needs to be renewed every year. Once you have paid your tuition fee, you can use our self-service ID renewal maschine at the Admissions office. 
  • Student Bank Account with Erste Bank: Special conditions for students under 27, for more details click here
  • Regenbogengruppe/Rainbowgroup - LGTBQ+ group of MedUni Wien
  • Moving to another country, building a new social network, feelings of helplessness, loneliness or pressure to perform , an everyday life in a new culture and/or in a different language, etc.. All these situations and feelings can drive up your stress level and/ or cause anxiety. Take your mental health seriously and get help when you need it. The Austrian Crisis Intervention Center offers free and anonymous initial help in crisis situations. 


Orientation and Direction

Wondering what is the quickest way to get to your next course or work place? The campus  map is a useful tool for orientation, we advise you to save it to your mobile phone to have it with you when needed. Additionally, you can look up the directions to MedUni Vienna here.


Due to data protection, our e-services and mailing servers are programmed to interact only with  your official work/student email address, therefore we advise you to check your student email address inbox on a regular basis to stay abreast of current changes or notifications.Thank you for your understanding

Important notice!

The PhDaily

Tune in the Podcast of our YSA every last Friday of the month!

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