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Ihr PhD Studium (N094)

UN 094

Welcome to MedUni Wien! As PhD student, you are fully integrated in our science groups and now an early-stage researcher!

We are very pleased to see you here at the information hub of the PhD Programme UN094 . Here you will find all necessairy the information to successfully complete your PhD studies. If you have any questions regarding your employer-employee relationship, please consult our MedCampus or intranet sites.

In general, we love to hear your feedback! If you are missing some information or find the directory not userfriendly,  please let us know. We will try to work out a solution. Thank you for helping us improve our services.


Corona Information

Sonderregelungen COVID-19 Maßnahmen für das PhD-Programm.

Supervisors in the PhD Programme N094

Find the right supervisor for your thesis.

Doctoral Thesis

Your thesis provides the evidence that you have acquired necessary knowledge and skills.

Accreditation of courses / Semester(s) abroad

Here you will find information concerning the accreditation of courses.

Thematic Programmes

The thematic programmes offer a range of possible focus studies. Find the right one for your interests.


Which propedeutics are mandatory and which are not? When do they have tob e completed?

Thesis submission / Completion of studies

Please see how to submit the completed doctoral thesis.


When and where do you get your diploma? When does the academic ceremony take place?

Doctoral viva dates

Announced doctoral viva dates


See a list of doctorands who have already completed their doctoral studies.


See all available forms.

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