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Good Scientific Practice

Guidelines for scientific integrity

It is the duty of universities to promote research and they are responsible for ensuring that research projects are conducted properly, in line with scientific, ethical and legal criteria.

Good Scientific Practice

In order to guarantee this, universities have to establish clear rules and standards. The present "Good Scientific Practice" – Ethics in Science and Research – Guidelines of the Medical University of Vienna have been drawn up in consideration of the latest international guidelines and approved by the University Senate. 

These Guidelines are mandatory for all members of MedUni Vienna. Their purpose is to guarantee that research at MedUni Vienna is conducted in compliance with international standards. However, they also support researchers themselves by clearly defining their rights and obligations. 

The common aim must be to produce research that is committed to the common good, is conducted with integrity and transparency in line with scientific and ethical criteria and competes successfully on the international stage.

Ombudsman’s Office for research integrity

Ensuring Good Scientific Practice

The Medical University of Vienna's Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice create a framework for responsible, fair and self-critical research by MedUni Vienna staff and are an essential prerequisite for guaranteeing high-quality scientific work at our university.

The Ombudsman’s Office for research integrity at MedUni Vienna offers all scientists who work for or are students at MedUni Vienna support with Quality Assurance in compliance with the Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice. The Ombudsman’s Office for research integrity is obliged to follow up any serious suspicions of misconduct in connection with research work.

Ombudsman’s Office for research integrity

You can contact the Ombudsman’s Office for research integrity at:


Prof. Elisabeth Förster-Waldl

Further members

Dr. Andrea Kolbus

Prof. Christian Schöfer