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Requirements for switching in the PhD Programme UN094

Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790

Minimal requirements for switching from the UN790 to the UN094 curriculum and for obtaining the PhD degree:

see rules § 9 Abs. 3


(3) In case of switching from the Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Science (UN790) to the PhD Program (UN094), all accomplishments are fully accredited if the course work required under UN790 has been completed, the doctoral thesis has been approved and the following additional requirements are fulfilled:


•Availability of one first author publication by the student in the course ofthe thesis topic and issued in a "top" journal (ISI ranking);


•Employment contract in the course of a research project for at least oneyear (without involvement in any clinical routine job).


This type of switching should be applied for when submitting the doctoral thesis.
Please forward your application and the required documents in complete per @mail to  in case the requirements have been fulfilled.