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EIT Health Innovation Days (i-Days)


Students from all disciplines from all across Europe are invited to work together on solutions to tackle the health problems of today and tomorrow. There are many challenges, indeed! The Austrian partners of EIT Health Germany, i.e. AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kapsch BusinessCom AG, WILD Gruppe, INITS Universitäres Gründerservice Wien GmbH and UNIQA Insurance Group AG are interested in two particular use cases:



Challenge Tapping the full potential of #valuebasedhealthcare for #cardiovasculardisease, in particular #telehealthcare, but also any other solution to improve the #patientjourney from #preventivecare to #diagnostics and #diseasemonitoring to #therapymanagement.

        1. Challenge  Looking for "The next innovative future #healthcare #device". Students are invited to bring in their own perspectives on the current and future needs of the European healthcare system, e.g. in #diagnostics, #imaging, #Intensivecare and any other major healthcare segment that needs better solutions.




If these are Challenges you would like to work on during this year’s EIT Health Innovation Days Austria, choose "Wild" when registering, here:


Your time during the Austrian Innovation Days will be accompanied by exciting mentoring sessions, a chance to win prizes, you receiving an EIT Health certificate, specialized innovation and business training, as well as invaluable networking opportunities across Europe.


Daniel Pressl, from WILD Gruppe,  is in charge with regards to any questions.



So, challenge yourself and learn through the free (and fully digital) program from 28.10.2020 to 04.11.2020. Innovation in healthcare has never been so important – Don’t Miss out!