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Accreditation of courses / Semester(s) abroad

Doctoral Programme Of Medical Science N090
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As a doctoral student with a study period abroad, you may apply for accreditation of your completed courses. Nevertheless there are certain rules to pay attention to. 

Rules for doctoral studies with study periods abroad

For a doctoral study that involves a study period abroad, in addition to all requirements for the doctoral programmes at the Medical University of Vienna, the following rules have to be considered:

  • You have to be enrolled at the Medical University of Vienna over the entire length of your doctoral study.
  • The entire propedeutics, and a minimum of 40% of the required courses, including Basic Courses, Journal Clubs, Thesis Seminars and Practical Seminars have to be attended and completed at the MedUni Vienna.
  • The accreditation of a doctoral study that has been mainly performed at a foreign university (comprising more than 60% of the courses) does not entitle the doctorand to an degree of the Medical University of Vienna.
  • Your doctoral thesis has to be registered at the MedUni Vienna with a supervisor who has to be an active member of a thematic program of the doctoral studies, holds a venia docendi degree or is an equally qualified individual, who is familiar with the thesis work and able to survey the thesis progress.
  • Foreign Basic Courses, Journal Clubs and Thesis Seminars may be accredited for the doctoral study under the following conditions:
    • The courses must be listed in a university calendar.
    • The outline of the courses must be clearly labeled in semester hours.
    • The courses must be part of doctoral study programmes.
    • Successful completion of the courses must be approved by signature of the lecturer.
    • All documents have to be submitted in original or in legalized copy and in English or German language.
  • Basic Courses, Journal Clubs and Thesis Seminars held by doctorands cannot to be accredited.
  • Participation in congresses cannot be accredited.
  • Members of the thesis committee must meet at least once per year to adjudicate the study progress, and discuss the progress reports.
  • The doctoral viva must be held at the MedUni Vienna.
  • The thesis publication must be co-authored by an associated mentor including a reference to the Medical University of Vienna.

For further information please study the rules of your doctoral programme.