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Thematic programmes

Doctoral Programme Of Medical Science N090
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The thematic programmes of the Doctoral Programme of Medical Science N090 offer a wide choice of possible focus studies. You may choose from specific topics and study fields.

Please find all details concerning the programmes’ content and contact information on the website of each programme.

Please consider that the Doctoral Programme of Medical Science N090 is a phase-out model. Therefore the links below refer to thematic programmes in the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science N790 resp. to thematic programmes of the PhD programme N094.

Molecular Signal Transduction

The “Molecular Signal Transduction” Programme offers outstanding training opportunities for the understanding of the molecular physiology of cellular signal transduction and pathological alterations.

Medical Physics

The thematic programme „Medical Physics“ provides excellent training opportunities in the various fields of Medical Physics. You work on cutting-edge research projects in research teams that are among the international leaders in their fields.


The aim of this thematic programme is to educate you to PhD level using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach preparing you for a successful scientific career within the field of neuroscience in academia and industry.


The objective of this thematic programme is to provide you with great training opportunities in the field of immunology, allergology and infectiology by offering you the opportunity to work with faculty members in a stimulating research environment.

Tumorbiology – Oncology

The thematic programme “Tumorbiology - Oncology” aims to comprise all relevant areas of cancer research to provide you with a fundamental theoretical background in cancer research as well as excellent practical skills.

Vascular Biology

The thematic programme „Vascular Biology“ prepares you for research based positions both in academia and in industry with a focus on Vascular Biology. It also provides you with a cutting-edge research training and education in different fields of Vascular Biology.

Mental Health and Behavioural Medicine

This thematic programme is designed to train and prepare students for careers combining psychosocial and biomedical research with clinical practice in mental health and psychiatry. By training doctoral students in these areas the long-term goal of the programme is to increase the university’s performance in applied research by allowing for a symbiosis of research and practice.

Programme for Organfailure, -replacement and Tansplantation (POET)

Primary aim of this thematic programme is to educate scientists who are able to independently implement clinical trials, projects in translational science and basic scientific research in the field of organ failure, -replacement and transplantation medicine.

Preclinical and Clinical Research for Drug Development

The thematic programme "Preclinical and clinical research in drug development" will provide a comprehensive training in all major areas of patient-orientated research in drug development. The candidates will be familiarized with the theoretical background of development of a novel compound beginning from the screening in in vitro via preclinical animal models up to clinical trial testing.

Musculoskeletal and Dental Research

The primary objective of this thematic programme is to train students to become leaders in academic research and industry. The programme follows a translational and multidisciplinary approach to survey musculoskeletal and oral disorders, to detect their causes and to develop strategies for diagnosis and therapy.