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Doctoral Programme of Medical Science N090
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Enrolment in the 1st semester

Prior to the first enrolment, the application for admission has to be handled positively.

The enrolment is managed by paying the required fee directly at the terminals of the Studies and Examinations Department within the enrolment periods by using "Bankomat/Maestro/Credit"-card.
Applicants are guided after their positive admission procedure.

Enrolment from the 2nd semester

The online payment data for enrolment can be seen in the MedCampus student account --> menue "Studienbeitragsstatus". Therefore, please take care about your enrolment and pay the required fee for each semester within the enrolment periods!
The enrolment by using "Bankomat/Maestro/Credit"-card directly at the Students and Examinations Department is still possible.

In case of missing the payment for enrolment within the required enrolment periods:
Admission, enrolment and MedCampus student account get closed! In order to continue studies a new application for admission with all required documents has to be submitted.

Student email account

Please notice that the Studies and Examinations Department and the MedCampus EDV-System use the student email addresses ( to deliver @mail messages to its students.
Therefore it is obligatory to set up and check your student email account steadily.