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Doctoral Thesis - Registration

PhD Programme N094

Find some helpful recommendations for the thesis registration procedure in this section. If there are further suggestions or conditions by your programme coordinator please pay attention to these.

Recommended thesis registration procedure:

  • work out the thesis proposal and get the agreement by your supervisor
  • discuss two further members of your thesis committee with your supervisor;
    in case that the supervisor has "junior supervisor"-status:
    the programme coordinator provides a senior supervisor evaluated within the thematic programme who may be one of the two further committee members
  • submit the thesis proposal and the data of your thesis committee members to the programme coordinator
  • the programme coordinator decides over the proposal; get all data and signatures required (except by direction of curriculum) on the thesis registration form if the programme coordinator agrees
  • submit the thesis registration form and the thesis proposal in as PDF via mail to the study department

Additional information

Beside your chosen supervisor, two further members of your thesis committee may be suggested to the programme coordinator. There are no certain requirments for a committee memeber, als look as the person is good in his research field. At least one of the two further members must not belong to the organizational unit of the supervisor and can be chosen from all over the world.

Please note:
A PhD Programme UN094´s  doctoral thesis has to be associated with a peer-reviewed and funded research project.
In the PhD Programme N094 there is to publish at least one first-author paper in a peer-reviewed journal during the elaboration of the thesis, however latest by the end of the studies.

Data privacy information:
Before you implement a survey at the Medical University of Vienna (online or by sharing-out questionnaires) you have to request for the statement of the inner-university data protection committee. This procedure concerns all administerings of questionnaire that collect data of the university employees, students and applicants to studies at the MedUni Vienna. For more detailed information please visit the webpage of the Data Protection Commission.

Please note, that you need to submit your thesis proposal within the first two semesters!

Please decide either on the PdF-file or on the Word-file in order to edit your thesis proposal.

Please see 2 examples for thesis proposals.

Non-disclosure agreement (PDF, 20KB)
Just for your information. 10.08.2016
Thesis outline (PDF, 291KB)
Please see the thesis outline in order to get an impression about the structure of a completed doctoral thesis. 15.05.2024

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