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Master thesis

As part of the master's program in Molecular Precision Medicine, you are required to write a master's thesis. Here you can find out which steps you have to follow.

General information

  1. The Master's thesis serves as proof of the ability to work independently on scientific topics in terms of content and methodology.
  2. The Master's thesis is usually written in the 4th semester. The task of the Master's thesis is chosen in such a way that it is possible and reasonable for the student to complete it within six months.
  3. The modules MPM1, MPM2, MPM3 and MPM6 must be completed before starting the Master's thesis.
  4. The Master's thesis is worth 27 ECTS credits.
  5. The topic of the Master's thesis must be taken from a compulsory module. If another subject is to be chosen or if there is uncertainty regarding the assignment of the chosen subject, the decision on admissibility lies with the competent body responsible for study law.
  6. The topic and the proposal for the supervision of the Master's thesis shall be submitted to the Medical University of Vienna for approval. Teachers of the University of Vienna may also be consulted by the competent body of the Medical University of Vienna in terms of study law for the supervision/examination of the Master's thesis.
  7. The regulations of the statutes (Satzung) of the Medical University of Vienna apply to the Master's thesis.

Procedure for the Master's thesis

1. Notification of the Master's thesis topic

At the start of the Master's thesis, the topic and supervisor are reported to the Department of Studies and approved by the Curriculum Directorate. When registering the Master's thesis, a project plan must also be enclosed. The scope 5 to 10 pages of abstract (approx. 200 words)

Summary and discussion of the state of knowledge, identification of open questions, definition of the objectives of one's Master's thesis, presentation of the planned implementation incl. methodology, bibliography (uniform, customary format, references in relation to the text of the project plan).

2. Write the Master Thesis

3. Master's thesis assessment and upload to MedCampus and Repositorium

After completion of the master's thesis, the review must be submitted and uploaded to MedCampus and the repository (library). In addition, your master's thesis will be checked for plagiarism and, if necessary, you will be asked to make changes and adjustments.

Prerequisite for the submission of the master thesis is the registration of the master thesis! Furthermore, the signed confirmation of registration of the master thesis in the publication server of the Medical University of Vienna (library) has to be enclosed.

After approval of the Master's thesis by the Curriculum Directorate, the entry can be found in your Med-Campus student account under Examination Results (grade of the assessment is visible).

Help uploading a Master's thesis

Lock: The intention of the lock is that the master thesis data is not made accessible for the duration of the lock. If a block is required, please set the blocking note in the publication server to "yes" and specify the blocking duration.