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Internship / Recognition for MPM 8

Molecular Precision Medicine (UN 066 329)

General information

  1. In the course of the Master's programme "Molecular Precision Medicine", all students must complete an internship or laboratory exercises (MPM8) of at least 5 weeks and 5 ECTS points.
  2. Students develop experience in laboratory techniques and prepare for experimental Master's theses or deepen their knowledge from other Master's programmes.
  3. The modules MPM1, MPM2, MPM3 und MPM6 must be completed before the start of the internship.


  1. After review by the head of the study programme, the students select examination-imminent internships or exercises totalling 5 ECTS credits
  2. For this purpose, an extra lecture-free period (approx. 5 weeks) is scheduled in the 3rd semester, where students can complete their internship.
  3. In addition, students can also extend/change the period of the internship on a voluntary basis, as long as it does not affect attendance at courses. (e.g.: holidays, lecture-free period, etc.)
  4. Please fill out the form below and have your selected internship/institute confirmed and also graded upon completion.

Note: Please keep in mind that many teachers and professors are involved in this Master's programme and invest a lot of work and time. Therefore, we ask students to consider the internship and the lab exercises with them.

Please return the completed form (Institution, supervisor) to: