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PriMHE lecture: Process evaluations in complex social and health interventions


21. March 2023
12:00 PM - 13:00 PM


Process evaluations in complex social and health interventions

- Yulia Shenderovich

Summary: Alongside the emphasis on “what works” in social and public health policies, there is also a growing emphasis on understanding “how” and “why” programmes and policies work (or do not work). Process evaluations are studies designed to provide an understanding of programme implementation, mechanisms of impact, and the context in which a programme or service is delivered. The talk will signpost some of the tools that are available for conducing process evaluations, such as the key relevant guidelines. The lecture will share some of the methodological challenges and lessons learned from process evaluations conducted in different contexts, such as within a randomised controlled evaluation of a violence-reduction parenting programme in South Africa and alongside the scale-up of programmes to support academic attainment in schools in England.