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Dual Career

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, Marie Skłodowska Curie and Pierre Curie worked together as a couple in scientific research and are probably the best known dual career couple of this period. One century later, there are many more highly educated and career-oriented couples in the science and university system and it is for this reason that we have established a university Dual Career Service.


In order to secure the position of Vienna – Lower Austria – Upper Austria as a centre of scientific excellence, the universities have come together to form a network. This will include a Dual Career Service to provide practical assistance in finding jobs for highly qualified partners by working with research establishments and institutions in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria and offering help with networking.

Moreover, the Service is a central point of contact for any other problems associated with one's new living situation. The Dual Career Service provides practical information about the necessary formalities, ranging from childcare to advanced training opportunities. The Dual Career Service has been established as part of the universities' internationalisation strategy, to promote the development of excellent, internationally oriented research and education institutions. This service is being extended to polytechnics and to scientific and research establishments throughout Austria.


  • To support and appreciate partners in dual career partnerships
  • To make work and family life more compatible, thereby enabling universities, polytechnics and scientific and research establishments to be more family friendly
  • To make Austria more attractive as an international centre for education, science and research
  • To recruit high-calibre scientists, artists and other highly qualified personnel, thereby internationalising universities, polytechnics and scientific and research establishments
  • To ensure Quality Assurance and professionalism in recruiting

We look forward to hearing from you:

Birgit Hanak-Sommerer

Head of Project