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Historical collections of the Medicial University of Vienna - Josephinum

The Josephinum is home to a wide array of collections of various kinds, ages and origins, which together represent the cultural heritage of the Medical University of Vienna, or the earlier Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna.

The collection of medical history at MedUni Vienna is unique throughout Europe. It represents the 650 year history of this institution and its cultural heritage. The "total cultural heritage" of the Medical University of Vienna is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world and is made up of many different "sources" such as architecture, educational material, instruments, scripts, literature, archives and pictures. The early-classicistic Josephinum, which was built in 1785 under Joseph II, is the architectural highlight of the MedUni Vienna. The building, which was designed by Isidor Canevale, now houses the museum for anatomical wax models and, along with the Florentine Library, is among the largest in Europe.

The collections have evolved to reflect the institution’s 650-year history and their depth and variety makes them a treasure unique in the world.