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The Research at the MedUni Vienna

Research is very important at MedUni Vienna, as are teaching and patient care. The three central tasks for the Medical University of Vienna are "Creating knowledge, imparting knowledge and applying knowledge", after all.

The research performance at MedUni Vienna has increased continuously since 2004 and ranks among the best of all medical institutions in Europe. What is remarkable is the excellent performance of the entire staff, which makes available their high creative and intellectual potential for the benefit of society, despite difficult conditions.

Vienna – An Excellent Research Location

The international recognition that the researchers of MedUni Vienna have gained - for centuries, but specifically during the last two decades, is an excellent promotion for Vienna as a research location.

A total of 3000 researchers and physicians currently work at MedUni Vienna, many of whom have an international background. Their research performance directly benefits patients, because MedUni Vienna closely links fundamental research and clinical application.

International and national Research Networks

Austria-wide, MedUni Vienna acts in the center of life sciences. Numerous research consortiums are connected with MedUni Vienna or are led or coordinated by experts from MedUni Vienna. As one of the most important biomedical healthcare service providers, MedUni can directly put to practice the newest research results.

Good Scientific Practice

Research at the Medical University of Vienna should be conducted responsibly, both with regards to the goals of science and research as well as to the needs and concerns of society. Trust in research and the high quality of our research results are indispensable prerequisites for our public role in society. MedUni Vienna has therefore defined guidelines for scientific integrity (Good Scientific Practice Guidelines) and principles for handling research data (Policy for Research Data Management).

University Departments, Clinical Institutes and Centers of MedUni Vienna

Research at the Medical University of Vienna takes place at the 30 University Departments, two Clinical Institutes and 12 Centers.

The organisational units in the Clinical division of the Medical University of Vienna are organised into 30 university departments and two clinical institutes. All university departments, institutes and other departments also function as patient care departments. With the exception of the University Clinic of Dentistry, all departments are located at the General Hospital (AKH Wien), which also functions as clinical center of the Medical University of Vienna.

The medical science division and education tasks are organised into 12 centers.