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The Medicine Degree Programme

Application & Admission
Language of Instruction

German: min. Level C1


12 Semester (360 ECTS)
Degree: Dr. med. univ.


The aim of the Medicine degree programme at the Medical University of Vienna is to educate medical doctors for the profession of physician in all specialties - in theory and in practice.

Through the imparting of extensive knowledge - with a high value of practice-oriented training - and an early dealing with precise medical questions, such as gender-specific differences (gender medicine), graduates are meant to acquire a broad medical education with a well-grounded skills.

The education at MedUni Vienna therefore creates the best possible conditions for entering the profession and an optimal foundation for postgraduate training in all medical specialties.

The Focuses of the Medicine Degree Programme

The curriculum of the Medicine degree programme is based on the following guidelines:
subject integration, problem orientation, method-guided examination, calculation of the training capacity, evaluation and quality assurance.

In order to be able to begin postgraduate training, such as e.g. to become a General Practitioner or for a specific specialty, the graduates have to dispose of intellectual, practical and interpersonal skills.

This qualification profile includes:

  • Knowledge and comprehension
  • Clinical skills
  • Communicative competences
  • Professional demeanour and
  • Competences relevant for the profession

The Schedule of the Medicine Degree Programme

All these factors are taught in twelve semesters, incl. a clerkship of 18 weeks and the Clinical Internship of 48 weeks. The extent of lectures and other mandatory courses is stated in semester hours. So "one semester hour" means 15 times an academic period of 45 minutes, since one semester lasts for 15 weeks.

Instruction in the first and second programme phase takes place in thematic blocks structured in time and content and based on each other. In the first and second phase clinical skills are also taught, right from the start. The content taught here is deepened in the third phase with aim of reaching a high level of competence. In the third phase, clinical internships take place at the wards and clinics of the University Departments as well as at teaching hospitals and practices accredited by the University. The thesis is to be written parallel to the courses of the second and third programme phase.

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