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MedUni Vienna’s Areas of Research

In the area of research, MedUni Vienna groups its competences in the five research clusters and research platforms in an interdisciplinary way, reaching across departments.

The researchers at MedUni Vienna generate knowledge through their scientific work, which enduringly improves our health. The newest research results from clinical trials benefit, among others, the 670.000 patients treated at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) every year, because MedUni Vienna closely combines fundamental research and clinical application. Due to its great medical usefulness this research and therapeutic approach called "translational research" is a central issue in the cooperation.

The Five Research Clusters of MedUni Vienna

In the Immunology Research Cluster, the research on allergy, inflammation and infection is integrated and new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts are developed. The focus of the research lies on fundamental research as well as on translational and clinical research. The Immunology Research Cluster has furthermore set itself the task of operating on multiple levels to establish initiatives aimed at enhancing synergies between scientists in fundamental and clinical research and to foster innovative research activities.On an educational level, the research cluster aims at supporting the education and instruction of young scientists. Moreover, the research cluster functions as a platform to strengthen interactions with scientists involved in immunological research from other universities and research institutions.

Based on the on the Cancer Research and Oncology Research Cluster, MedUni Vienna has established an interdisciplinary center - the Comprehensive Cancer Center. As a joint institution of the University and the Hospital , the CCC combines interdisciplinary medical care of cancer patients with clinical and fundamental research as well as teaching at the highest academic level.

The people affected benefit in diagnostics and therapy from the innovative procedures and technologies, available to the CCC's experts through the close connection between therapy and scientific research. In the area of cancer formation and treatment, the CCC also serves as central organisational platform for the departments of MedUni Vienna in clinic and teaching and closely cooperated with study and support groups as well as other research institutions.

The aim of the interdisciplinary units of the Comprehensive Cancer Center is the integration and connection of all activities in various oncological areas.

This research cluster reflects the broad range of research in the area of neuroscience and psychosocial sciences at MedUni Vienna. Especially renowned are the Alzheimer's, depression, multiple sclerosis and pain research at MedUni Vienna.

The primary goal is to gain insights that lead to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases in the nervous system, and hence to better diagnostics and a better therapy of the affected patients. In addition, the cluster is to promote the dissemination of research results among the public.

Another important focus is training. PhD students and other young staff members are offered a high-quality and internationally recognised training at the participating department.

A variety of factors is responsible for the emergence of cardiovascular diseases, all organ systems are affected by these diseases. This is what makes the Cardiovascular Medicine Research Cluster so important. Apart from cardiovascular diseases the focus lies mostly on imaging and non-imaging diagnostics as well as epidemiological and genetic questions.

In addition the cluster stands out due its fundamental research, among other things in the area of vascular biology as well as thrombosis research and a high level of interdisciplinarity. Like the other four research clusters of MedUni Vienna the goal is to create a center according to the model of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna (CCC).

Medical Imaging is the newest research cluster and consists of a cooperation of the institutes and research institutions of MedUni Vienna that deal with imaging, represented in six research focuses ("nodes").

The common interest lies on the further development and examination of morphological, functional and molecular imaging, so as to diagnose and treat diseases at an earlier stage.

Research Platforms

The Research Platform Transplantation provides an integrative platform for academic networking and the promotion of research efforts in the field of transplantation at the MedUni Vienna. It aims to increase the output of high quality transplantation research.