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Campus and University Life

MedUni Vienna is not just a place to study and work, but also a place for living. So that this can work out as it should, we have summarised helpful information and valuable tips here.

With its campus in the center of one of the most live able cities in the world, the Medical University of Vienna has a very attractive location. More than 8,000 students and about 6,000 employees are out and about every day. The information summarised here will help you to reach your destination quickly.

Finding Your Way Around MedUni Vienna

Regarding its location and its departments, MedUni Vienna is really huge. This creates a challenge especially for new students. The following site plans provide a good overview of the premises and the accessibility of the Medical University.

University Life around the Campus

Study centres at MedUni Vienna Studying in the sense of revising is an important part of every programme of study. Around MedUni Vienna there are a few quiet places to study, clearly listed on the website of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH). Study centres at MedUni Vienna
Food and drink at MedUni Vienna People expected to perform at their best level should also take care of their physical well-being. An overview of options to get food and drinks as well as information on the cafeteria sticker can be found here. Meals at MedUni Vienna
Sports at MedUni Vienna An active lifestyle should also be kept while studying. Students in Vienna have the option of using the numerous and inexpensive offerings of the University Sports Institute. Sports at MedUni Vienna
Accessibility at MedUni Vienna MedUni Vienna seeks to enable students with physical limitations to pursue their studies as smoothly as possible. The key for this usually lies in extensive counselling and thorough planning. Accessibility at MedUni Vienna
Children at MedUni Vienna Parents pursuing a degree often encounter a variety of challenges: studies, child care and making a living for the entire family. The Children’s Office of the University of Vienna understands these worries and provides support for students with children. Children at MedUni Vienna

University Life Off Campus

Living options during your Studies Even if you might spend many hours on the MedUni Vienna Campus, suitable housing at your place of studies is essential. The Student Point of the University of Vienna offers an overview on the various housing options for students in Vienna. Living options during your Studies
Working during your Studies Earning a living during your studies is not always easy, but often necessary. The ÖH offers information and support on the topic of “working and studying”. Jobs are listed at the "Schwarze Brett" Working during your Studies
Financial Support during your Studies Studying is often tied to financial expenses. In order to mitigate this pressure, there are various options for students, from benefits to allowances and to grants. Financial Support in Vienna