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Medical Performance

The Organisation of the MedUni Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is a leading medical center. The individual institutes, centers, departments and clinics thereby form an inseparable unity of education, research and patient care.

University Management of MedUni Vienna

The university management of MedUni Vienna consists of Rectorate, Senate and University Council. The Rectorate manages the business concerns of the Medical University of Vienna. It consists of a Rector and four Vice-Rectors for the Research and Innovation, Finance, Clinical Affairs and Education Divisions.

The Senate is made up of 13 representatives from among the University's professors, six representatives of university teaching and research staff, one representative of the general university staff and six student representatives, either elected or appointed.

Like the Senate, the University Council is a central governing body. Two of the Council's members are appointed by the Senate of the Medical University of Vienna, and two by the federal government. A fifth member is elected by these four members. University Council members hold office for five years.

University Departments, Clinical Institutes, Centers of MedUni Vienna

Clinical Division

The organisational units in the Clinical division of the Medical University of Vienna are organised into 30 university departments and two clinical institutes. All university departments, institutes and other departments also function as patient care departments. With the exception of the University Clinic of Dentistry, all departments are located at the General Hospital (AKH Wien), which also functions as clinical center of the Medical University of Vienna.

Medical Science Division

The medical science division and education tasks are organised into 13 centers. 

Organisational Units and Staff Units with University Management Functions

The organisational units with university management functions provide multifunctional support for the facilities dealing with education, research and patient care, deal with general administrative issues and represent the University's interests both internally and externally. The staff units of MedUni Vienna include areas such as gender mainstreaming or evaluation and quality management. In addition there are the organisational units with special service functions , such as the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Committees of MedUni Vienna

At the Medical University of Vienna, a variety of committees ensures the possibility of student participation and the representation of the interests of employees. University Council and Senate fulfil various tasks in the management of the University. The Works Council, the Working Group on Equal Opportunities, the Advisory Board for People with Disabilities and the Data Protection Commission as well as the Students Union (ÖH) represent the interests of employees and students. The Ethics Committee ensures high ethical standards in the execution of clinical trials.

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies of MedUni Vienna

Since gaining its autonomy in 2004, the Medical University of Vienna has founded several subsidiaries and affiliated companies, in order to concentrate competences and be able to realise them autonomously. The University Clinic of Dentistry, Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI), the Forensische DNA-Zentrallabor Wien GmbH and the Forschungsservice und -beteiligungs GmbH are wholly-owned subsidiaries. The Max Perutz Labs is a joint venture with the University of Vienna (60% University of Vienna, 40% MedUni Vienna).