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Institutes and Centers of the MedUni Vienna

In addition to the 30 University Clinics, two Clinical Institutes and twelve Centers also belong to MedUni Vienna. Their focus is partly on individual academic subjects, such as neurology or virology, and in part on all academic divisions, e.g. Anatomy or Medical Statistics.

Clinical Organisational Units

University Departments and Clinical Institutes are among the clinical organisational units. All Departments, Institutes and Departments also have the function of patient care departments. With the exception of the University Clinic of Dentistry, all clinics are located at the General Hospital. The General Hospital also functions as a clinical center of the Medical University of Vienna.

The two Clinical Institutes of MedUni Vienna

In addition to the 30 University Departments, there are also two Clinical Institutes at MedUni Vienna:

Non-Clinical Organisational Units

The Medical Theory Division and teaching tasks are organised into twelve Centers. Whereas the Departments - similarly to the University Departments and Clinical Institutes - largely represent only one academic subject, centers are a practical combination according to the point of view of research and education, in a way that has proved to be useful internationally.