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Sponsorships & Donations

MedUni Vienna's research output is among the best of any medical institution in Europe. Our scientists are highly regarded on the world stage. Moreover, MedUni Vienna recognises its obligation to society to provide doctors and scientists with the best possible preparation for the healthcare issues of the future. 

In order to safeguard our high standards in research and teaching and to develop these areas further, the Medical University of Vienna relies not only on public funding but also on support from private individuals and corporate donors.

There are many different ways in which you can contribute to education, research and clinical practice.

Center for Precision Medicine

We are creating a Center for Precision Medicine on the MedUni General Hospital Campus. The 60 million euros required for its construction and operation is to come from sponsors and private donors. Help us to build the Center for Precision Medicine brick by brick.

Cancer Research Initiative

Cancer is a central issue within our society. It can affect anyone - but everyone can help. It is only through research that will we be able to cure this insidious disease in the future. MedUni Vienna launched its Cancer Research Initiative in 2005, in order to promote university cancer research and to secure MedUni Vienna's position as a leading research establishment.

Institute of Cancer Research

Every year, the Institute of Cancer Research initiates around 20 innovative research projects. Because of the Institute's association with the Medical University of Vienna and its proximity to Vienna General Hospital, the areas of basic research and clinical practice can work very closely together and research findings can be incorporated directly into diagnostics and treatment. 

Sigmund Freud Statue

Your contribution could help us to bring Oscar Nemon's sculpture of Sigmund Freud to the Medical University of Vienna campus. 

We would welcome your support for one of our current projects.

Or just get in touch with us. We will be delighted to help identify a suitable project for you. 

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