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Career Development at MedUni Vienna

With its 6,000 employees, MedUni Vienna is among the largest medical training and research centers in the German-speaking area.

The Medical University takes its responsibility for its staff very seriously. In order to win the best minds and to put the existing intellectual and creative potential to the best possible use, MedUni emphasises key aspects such as organisational culture and personnel development.

Individual Career Counseling and Advancement

In this context, the employees of MedUni Vienna can improve their skills and continuously acquire new ones, according to a state-of-the-art academic lifelong-learning concept, in line with the newest educational concepts, tailored to the needs of an expert organisation.

In addition, MedUni takes measures to promote highly skilled researchers, offers performance-oriented career models for physicians and participates in a multitude of international networks and non-university cooperations.

Development and Fulfilment

MedUni Vienna sees itself as a workplace for employees that provides individual development and fulfilment options, counselling on career development and other aspects of life as well as a motivating work environment. Central aspects for the attainment of this university culture are the topics “Work-Life/Work-Load Balance”, the development of a cooperation and conflict culture, awareness-raising in the framework of diversity management and the support of employees in their advancement in the course of personnel development measures and personal counselling.  

Apart from the newly established Dual Career Service, offered by the International Office, through which career-oriented couples are given assistance, for example in the choice of a location, MedUni Vienna also assists employees with additional offers for career development. For an individual situation analysis, the application of diagnostic processes is offered (such as a career-related personality test) as well as professional counselling.    

In many areas of everyday work, professional and personal challenges have to be met, be it solving difficult problems or distressing situations related to patient care. In order to provide support here, the Medical University offers various counselling options: 

  • The Family Service provides information on the topics of parental leave, child care and compatibility, support in the planning of downtime and re-entry and advice for employees caring for relatives.
  • For questions on career or personal problems, counseling is also offered.

Balancing Career and Family

The Family Service of MedUni Vienna deals with another important career aspect. It offers information and support on the compatibility of working/studying and family. Family is understood here in a very broad sense – e.g. parents and children, (same-sex) partners, siblings, grandparents as well as relatives in need of care. 

The topic of compatibility has been an explicit focus of MedUni Vienna since 2010. The commitment for a family-friendly university is emphasized, among other things by the opening of the Martha Wolf Kindergarten as well as the counselling opportunity for relatives providing care. 

The Gender Mainstreaming Staff Unit provides support and advises the Rectorate and all department heads in questions of equal treatment and the advancement of women, especially in order to reduce structural obstacles for women in science and to increase the percentage of women at all levels of qualification and especially at the top (incl. high-level medical positions). Through special programmes and measures for the advancement of women, women are increasingly motivated for an academic career and provided with assistance to achieve such a career.

Gender and Diversity in Focus

The Medical University of Vienna does not just see the acceptance and appreciation of different cultural, social, gender-specific and professional backgrounds of its employees and students as a commitment, but also as an essential contribution to the “scientific” creativity of its staff.   

MedUni Vienna takes a clear position by living and promoting diversity, which attracts scientists from all over the world. It also shows social responsibility by its focus on gender mainstreaming and gender medicine. MedUni Vienna's activities in the area of diversity management have received several awards, for example the Administration Award of the Federal Chancellery and the award “meritus – lesbisch schwul ausgezeichnet“ (lesbian and gay awarded).