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New approach to improve targeted skin cancer therapies

Medicine & Science

Study elucidates molecular processes of adverse events

KinderuniMedizin at MedUni Vienna started


From 15 to 19 July, MedUni Vienna's lecture halls will once again be filled with curious children

SARS-CoV-2 infections have a long-term impact on the immune systemg

Medicine & Science

New findings could improve understanding of Long COVID


Dynamic changes in the lung immune system of breast cancer metastasis

Medicine & Science

Study could provide basis for development of immunotherapies against metastases


"ChatGPT" for biomedical simulations

Medicine & Science

Study shows potential of large language models for research


Coronary bypass grafts fail more frequently in women than in men

Medicine & Science

Study emphasises the need for sex-specific treatment measures

Active substance identified for the prevention of chlamydial infections

Medicine & Science

Pentamidine as potential prophylaxis against bacterial sexually transmitted diseases


Admission procedure for medical studies: 11,904 took part

University, Studies & Further Education

Joint MedAT admission procedure for studies in Vienna, Innsbruck, Graz and Linz

Hungarian President visits Semmelweis memorial at MedUni Vienna


Tamás Sulyok pays tribute to the "pioneer of hygiene" in medicine