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Immune system can be modulated by targeted manipulation of cell metabolism

– , Medicine & Science

Manipulation of the sugar metabolism produces an immune response that efficiently eliminates the pathogens

Being in a Sports Club is Good for the Soul

– , Medicine & Science

Multiple beneficial effects for well-being, mental health and socialisation

"Climate Change and Health": The book for the record summer

– , Medicine & Science

New guide book published by MedUni Vienna in collaboration with MANZ-Verlag

Admissions procedure for medical studies in Austria

– , Studies & Further Education , University

854 women and 767 men (52.7%/47.3%) qualified for a total of 1,621 university places

Katharina Rindler awarded L'Oréal Austria Fellowship

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Postdoc at the Institute of Cancer Research is to receive a fellowship for research into metastasis factors in pancreatic cancer.

Successful clinical fellowships for eye specialists from Myanmar

– , University , Organisation

Three Asian ophthalmologists have completed specialist training as part of a one-year residency at MedUni Vienna's Department of Ophthalmology and...

Two FWF accolades for the Leonard lab at MFPL

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Group leader Thomas Leonard was awarded an FWF Stand-Alone grant, while postdoc Linda Trübestein received a Hertha Firnberg postdoctoral fellowship

Fellinger Cancer Research funds MedUni Vienna research projects

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Funding for Petra Heffeter and Johannes Gojo from Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna

New OCT technique provides better 3-D imaging of the cellular structure of the eye

– , Medicine & Science

So-called Line Field OCT simplifies looking into the cellular processes in the eye and allows even more accurate diagnosis

Austrian Academy of Sciences scholarships for MedUni Vienna researchers

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

The DOC, DOC-team and MAX KADE young scientist funding programmes provide financial support for research projects