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Breast cancer: new mechanism discovered for dissemination of metastatic tumour cells

– , Medicine & Science

Tumour cells already in the sentinel lymph nodes pass through their blood vessels to "invade" the vascular system

Alzheimer's disease: patients exhibit changes in certain blood lipids that are typical of premature ageing

– , Medicine & Science

MedUni Vienna's Brain Researchers investigated changes in certain lipids in the plasma of elderly people who were healthy and those suffering from...

MedUni Vienna students take part in "Lifesavers" project

– , University , Organisation

: Smartphone app notifies First Aiders of an emergency nearby

Doctors against smoking: six million deaths a year from smoking, 14,000 in Austria

– , University , Medicine & Science

The Medical University of Vienna sees it as extremely important to make people aware of the harmful effects of smoking and to emphasise the urgent...

Living Standards Award 2018 presented to UV-Team Austria

– , Medicine & Science

Interdisciplinary research collaboration receives an award for developing a standard for reviewing UV-disinfection systems for drinking water

Igor Grabovac takes on role within the European Public Health Association

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna expert takes his place on the "Sexual and Gender Minority Health" steering committee

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Stammzellforschung gegründet

– , Organisation , Medicine & Science

Vernetzung und Bündelung der Forschungsaktivitäten sowie Austausch zwischen Wissenschaft und Öffentlichkeit

Placental defects are a crucial factor in prenatal development

– , Medicine & Science

Study shows correlation between placental defects and characteristic physical abnormalities and early embryonic lethality

MedUni Vienna extends its collaboration with Showa University in Tokyo, Japan

– , University , Organisation

Student exchange programme and joint research projects in the field of dentistry

Sleep problems in Austria on the rise

– , Medicine & Science

Large-scale, Austria-wide survey assesses sleep habits – World Sleep Day on March 16