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Features of urinary obstruction following kidney transplantation identified for the first time

Medicine & Science

Potentially dangerous complications following a kidney transplant can be identified at an earlier stage

HIV infection increases risk of other health outcomes

Medicine & Science

Analysis of more than 3,000 studies on the subject of HIV has identified several outcomes as being HIV-related

Hans Tuppy awarded MedUni Vienna's Badge of Honour

People of the MedUni Vienna

Biochemist and former Science Minister honoured by Rector Müller.

Speech development starts in the womb

Medicine & Science

Newborns are able to discriminate between speech sounds and non-speech sounds the day after they are born

New treatment option for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Medicine & Science

Beneficial effect of synthetic bile acid (nor-urso) established

The psychological impact of a heatwave: stress, anxiety and depression

Medicine & Science

Daily medication should be checked – By 2050, heatwaves will last twice as long