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New prognostic marker discovered for multiple sclerosis severity

Medicine & Science

Proven for the first time in MedUni Vienna study: the retina indicates likelihood of disability


Breast cancer: new drug shrinks brain metastases

Medicine & Science

Austrian study led by MedUni Vienna opens up new perspective in cancer treatment and research

Ragweed allergy: aggressiveness of pollen is determined by its place of origin and by the environment

Medicine & Science

Geographic and climatic regions as well as the degree of environmental pollution may influence the severity of allergic reactions

Receptor FIBCD1 newly identified in neuro-developmental disorders

Medicine & Science

Evidence of a novel function for the FIBCD1 gene in the brain, and a potentially pivotal role in diseases such as autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, and…

Julia Berger and Maximilian Mair are Researchers of the Month August 2022

People of the MedUni Vienna, Researcher of the Month

Humoral Immune Response in Hematooncological Patients and Health Care Workers Who Received SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations

Study shows potential for improving premature baby care

Medicine & Science

One in two premature babies receives transfusions of red blood cells due to anaemia

Transport-proteins influence the lung uptake of inhaled drugs

Medicine & Science

Modulation of these transporters could increase drug efficacy