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Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize awarded to Adolf Fercher and Christoph Hitzenberger

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

"Nobel prize for engineering sciences" presented at a ceremony in Washington

Register for the entrance exam for the medical universities

University , Studies & Further Education

Online registration for the entrance exam for the medical universities of Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck and Linz opens on 1 March 2017

First breath shapes the lung’s immune system

– , Medicine & Science

First breath-induced interleukin-33 signaling shapes the performance of pulmonary immune cells and influences anti-bacterial defenses

A novel principle to mobilize neurons for brain repair

– , Medicine & Science

Mapping the entire molecular machinery used by differentiated neurons to make way for their migrating adult-born replacements

Police officers as lifesavers: Defibrillator project saves the life of MedUni Vienna employee

– , People of the MedUni Vienna , Medicine & Science

Sudden cardiac arrest can affect anyone. A MedUni Vienna scientist owes her life to a defibrillator project run by her own hospital.

Tick "cement" as a potential bioadhesive for human tissue

– , Medicine & Science

Effective anchoring mechanism into the skin is based on a cement-like substance with excellent adhesive properties

Unravelling the first step of vesicle fusion

– , Medicine & Science

MFPL researchers report their discovery of the mechanism behind the first step of the assembly of the SNARE complex during vesicle fusion

Metabolism drives growth and division of cancer cells

Medicine & Science

The metabolic state of tumor cells contributes to signals that control the proliferation of tumor cells

Social exclusion in virtual realities has a negative social and emotional impact in "real" life

– , Medicine & Science

In this age of highly realistic computer games and increasingly popular social networks, social exclusion in virtual worlds is becoming more and more...

Christina Eder-Czembirek receives Hans Pichler Prize

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Award from the Austrian Society for Oral, Maxillary and Facial Surgery