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Covid-19: Good chance of survival despite severe disease

Medicine & Science

Analyses highlight success of ECMO treatment in Vienna General Hospital and MedUni Vienna departments

New Master's course in Molecular Precision Medicine

Studies & Further Education

Medical University of Vienna and University of Vienna launch new Master's programme

Suicides fallen by 4% during the Covid-19 pandemic

Medicine & Science

International study involving more than 70 scientists in 21 countries

Liver transplants: Improving waitlist mortality by improved risk assessment

Medicine & Science

The top priority in the field of transplantation is to ensure that donor organs are allocated to the patients with the greatest need

Stefan Thurner and Peter Klimek awarded Paul Watzlawick Ring of Honour 2021

People of the MedUni Vienna

Vienna Medical Association presents award to MedUni Vienna complexity researchers

MedUni Vienna congratulates new Heath Minister, Wolfgang Mückstein


Thanks to Minister Anschober for his excellent working relationship with MedUni Vienna experts

New treatment option for severe Covid-19

Medicine & Science

Medicinal product that is inhaled could prevent serious lung damage in Covid-19 disease

COVID-19 stiffens arteries

Medicine & Science

Higher pulse wave velocity values in COVID-correlate with longer hospital stay and higher mortality

International consortium examines the influence of micro- and nano-plastic particles in the environment on health

Medicine & Science

MedUni Vienna participates in Horizon 2020 project “Imptox” of the European Union