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Rolf Ziesche is MedUni Vienna’s Inventor of the Year 2016

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Lung expert from the Department of Medicine II is recognised for identifying new biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment of the lung disease COPD

"Papageno effect": professional information on the Internet can reduce suicide risk

– , Medicine & Science

If people use media to talk about their strategies for overcoming suicidal thoughts, this has a beneficial effect

Thomas Szekeres neuer Präsident der Österreichischen Ärztekammer

– , People of the MedUni Vienna , Organisation

Labormediziner der MedUni Wien übernimmt nach Wien-Vorsitz auch die Leitung der Bundesvertretung

Georg Kranz among winners of the "Otto Kraupp Prize 2017"

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Third place in awards for the best postdoctoral thesis at Vienna Medical Association's Billrothhaus

Visiting Chair for Michael Trauner

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna hepatologist is new Visiting Professor for the University of Oslo's Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis programme

New, oral treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis

– , Medicine & Science

An international research group has shown that there is an effective oral treatment option: the combination of methotrexate and the chemically...

Theodor Körner promotion prize goes to Susanne Mayer

– , People of the MedUni Vienna

Health economist awarded prize for national healthcare system cost database developed at the Department of Health Economics

Initial successes in treating a hitherto incurable liver disorder

– , Medicine & Science

New bile acid effective in treating primary sclerosing cholangitis – European multi-centre Phase II study concluded