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Marcel Hirscher’s autographed Olympic Gold racing suit up for auction

University, Medicine & Science, Organisation

Dorotheum online auction in support of MedUni Vienna from 28 January to 4 February 2020

Rheumatoid arthritis: Arginine depletion as a starting point for potential treatments

Medicine & Science

Restricting the amount of available arginine significantly restricts excessive formation of harmful, disease promoting cells

Strategies for a long and healthy life

University, Medicine & Science

New self-help book, "Staying Healthy" – published by MedUni Vienna in collaboration with MANZ Verlag

Drug development: Nature-derived peptides as molecular tools to study cellular signalling

Medicine & Science

Peptides can now be used to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of signal transmission in cells, hence facilitating the more targeted use of...

UNESCO Chair in Bioethics to stay at MedUni Vienna

University, Organisation

Collaboration with the United Nations Organization extended for a further four years

Calibrating the tools of life scientists: Antibodies

Medicine & Science

Scientists at the Max Perutz Labs show that several antibodies lack the precision for their intended tasks

Welt-Krebstag - Wien sichert modernste Diagnose und Therapie

Medicine & Science

Netzwerk aller hämatologischen und onkologischen Abteilungen - Garantie modernster und wirksamster Mittel

Histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) enhance phagocytosis of cancer cells

Medicine & Science

Combination of drugs increases response rate of a therapeutic agent

Studie: Enzym erhöht Erkrankungsrisiko für Morbus Crohn, Morbus Still und Lepra

Medicine & Science

Neue Perspektive auf einen der ältesten zellulären Stoffwechselwege

Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner elected President of the Collegium Otorhino-Laryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum

People of the MedUni Vienna

MedUni Vienna expert takes over leadership of the exclusive scientific ENT association