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Distance Learning

Further Education from Home

Distance learning makes part-time study easier: independent of time and place, participants can determine their own learning rhythm to a much greater extent than in a face-to-face course.

For many people interested in further education, especially those who are employed, physical presence at set times is a hurdle. The continuous expansion of distance learning in MedUni Vienna’s university courses means that these people can also be offered high-quality qualification opportunities.

“Blended Learning” as an innovative Study Format

Despite all the advantages of distance learning, not all contents of university courses can be covered. In practice-oriented courses, presence is indispensable. This mixture of face-to-face and online teaching flows together in the new, innovative teaching format "Blended Learning", which the curriculum directorate has increasingly relied on, not least since the Corona pandemic.

Enhanced Metacognition

“Blended learning” supports people's ability to assess their own talents through self-regulated learning and to find strategies to acquire knowledge and solve problems beyond face-to-face teaching. Medical didactic research calls this ability metacognition in the sense of a deliberative and goal-oriented thought process. This effect also motivates us to continuously expand our distance learning offerings.

Development of Digital Learning Formats

In our distance learning, however, we do not simply transfer analogue teaching one-to-one to the net and torture students with never-ending, monotonous sessions in front of the screen. We develop our own e-learning concepts that understand the digital media possibilities as an opportunity for innovation. Through interactive, varied learning formats, we can further improve the communication of facts. We also make sure that contact with colleagues is established and promoted in distance learning as well.