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Departments of the Medical University of Vienna

The 30 Departments at University Hospital Vienna are filled with medical staff from MedUni Vienna.

The physicians at University Hospital Vienna are employees of MedUni Vienna and indirectly financed by the Federal Government. In addition to their activity as employees in Departmental operations, they also have a research assignment at the Medical University. Their knowledge of the latest treatment options and the most innovative academic trends are thereby always up-to-date. Employees in the Care and Administrative Division on the other hand are employees of the City of Vienna. 

Research, Teaching & Patient Care in Balance

The 30 Departments and two Departmental Institutes of MedUni Vienna are unique in particular because of their large and diverse resources, the high patient volume and the accumulation of first-class experts from medicine and related academic disciplines. 

Routine hospital operations require a large share of the time capacities of MedUni Vienna doctors at University Hospital Vienna. The “University Medicine Vienna 2020” Project allows for even greater use of the synergies from a joint operation of MedUni Vienna and the University Hospital Vienna.

The Departments in numbers

Departmental data of University Hospital Vienna for 2021 reveal the immense medical performance of the facility each year:

  • 61,016 inpatient treatments
  • 515,687 outpatient cases
  • 44,755 operations

The core tasks of research, teaching and medical care are organised in 30 Departments and two Clinical Institutes and 12 Medical Theory Centers. 

They can be subdivided into the following organisational units:

  • 30 Departments
  • 2 Clinical Institutes
  • 12 Medical Theory Centres

The 30 individual Departments

There are 30 Departments at MedUni Vienna. They not only serve patient care, but also as a training center for future doctors from MedUni Vienna: based on the principle of “Bedside Teaching” students of Medicine and Dental Medicine are included in clinical routine.