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Thousands of kilometres in the battle against cancer

10th MedUni Vienna Cancer Research Run at the Old General Hospital University Campus
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(Vienna, 8 October 2016) Former team goalkeeper and rapid goalie and ORF football expert Helge Payer, presenters Elisabeth Engstler and Volker Piesczek and actor Martin Oberhauser ran in the MedUni Vienna 10th Cancer Research Run, together with 2.969 of other runners in aid of cancer research.

Every lap run (1 mile or 1.6 km) - this year it summed up to 13.805 laps - and all other monies raised will be used to facilitate and fund promising research projects conducted by young, ambitious scientists at the Medical University of Vienna. The total raised will be announced in November.

In Austria, approximately 39,000 people every year are faced with a cancer diagnosis. This means that the number of new cancer cases has doubled over the last 25 years. At the same time, partly thanks to the research conducted at MedUni Vienna, new and effective diagnosis and treatment options have been developed for many types of cancer over the past few years.