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Admissions procedure for medical studies in Austria: 854 women and 767 men have secured the 1,621 available places

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(Vienna, 8 August 2017) A total of 12,760 candidates sat the tests held on 7 July 2017 at the medical universities of Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz and the Medical Faculty of Johannes Kepler University (JKU). The latest results of the joint MedAT admissions procedure for medical studies in Austria have now been announced: 854 women and 767 men (52.7%/47.3%) qualified for a total of 1,621 university places.

The detailed breakdown of these university places is as follows:

  • In 2017, MedUni Vienna has 740 student places and, based on the results, 391 of these have been awarded to female students and 349 to male students (52.8 %/47.2 %).
  • The 400 student places available at the Medical University of Innsbruck were awarded as follows: 208 women and 192 men (52 %/ 48 %).
  • The Medical University of Graz has 361 places because of two identic results. Here the breakdown is 192 women and 169 men (53.2 %/ 46.8 %).
  • 120 university places are available at the Medical Faculty of JKU in Linz, 63 of which have gone to women and 57 to men (52.5 %/47.5 %).

Five years of joint MedAT
This was the fifth time that the admissions procedure was conducted at all medical universities for human medicine (MedAT-H) and dentistry (MedAT-Z) using the same tests.

The entrance exam for human medicine (Med-AT-H) is a multi-part written exam comprising the following elements:

  • Basic knowledge test for medical studies: Checking of previous knowledge from school in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics
  • Text comprehension test: Checking of reading ability and comprehension of texts
  • Cognitive skills and abilities: This test consists of five groups of exercises (numerical sequences, memory and retentiveness, assembling figures, language proficiency and understanding implications) and covers basic cognitive skills and abilities.
  • Social and emotional skills: This part of the exam consists of a group of exercises on "Social decision-making" and "Understanding emotions", covering important aspects of social and emotional skills.

The entrance exam for dentistry (MedAT-Z) is largely identical to MedAT-H, except that, in place of the text comprehension test and the section on understanding implications, manual skills are tested by exercises involving "bending wire" and "reproducing shapes".