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Reunion with his lifesavers

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Bild: MedUni Wien/Matern
from left: Vice Rector Anita Rieder, Gregor Längle, Jasmin Pfefferle, Friedrich Büssenberger, Florian Haider, Nicole Gfrerer, Jakob Astl, and Rector Markus Müller

(Vienna, 10 September 2019) In autumn 2018, future doctors, on their way from the MedUni Vienna graduation ceremony in the Concert Hall, saved the life of a Viennese man who had suffered a cardiac arrest. They have now all met up again so that the man, now fully recovered, could thank them in person.

On a cold evening in autumn 2018, Viennese resident Friedrich Büssenberger collapsed in front of the Hotel Intercontinental in Johannesgasse, having suffered a cardiac arrest. He owes his life to a group of future doctors, who had just come from the MedUni graduation ceremony in the Concert Hall. They saw him collapse and immediately started life-saving CPR and fetched a defibrillator from the hotel.
Together with the attending Vienna Emergency Services, they managed to stabilise the patient and, just 19 minutes after his cardiac arrest and immediate administration of CPR, he was once again responsive.

The patient, who has now recovered and is about to celebrate his 70th birthday, was able to thank his rescuers in person. At a meeting held in the office of Rector Markus Müller, he met up with Gregor Längle, Jakob Astl, Florian Haider, Jasmin Pfefferle and Nicole Gfrerer.

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