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Austrian MedAT entrance exams to be held on 14 August 2020

Spread over several locations throughout Austria – 17,599 candidates, stringent safety measures
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(Vienna/Innsbruck/Graz/Linz, 09 July 2020) In agreement with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the standardised entrance exam to study at the medical universities of Vienna, Innsbruck or Graz or the Medical Faculty of Johannes Kepler University in Linz (JKU) will be held on Friday 14 August 2020. In compliance with the requirements to protect all participants against the COVID-19 infection risk, the entrance exams will be held at several locations throughout Austria. This will mean that the number of participants in each of the selected halls and venues can be minimised, to ensure that candidates are able to maintain the social distance dictated by the strict safety policy.

The MedAT entrance exam will be held at the following venues on 14 August:

Those applying to the Medical University of Vienna will sit the exam in Vienna Exhibition Centre (approx. 5,800) and Salzburg Exhibition Centre (approx. 2,700) – determined along geographical lines. Applicants to study human medicine in Vienna with addresses in Germany, Salzburg, the Tyrol (North, East and South Tyrol), Vorarlberg and Upper Austria will sit the exam in Salzburg, all applicants from other Austrian States, from other EU and non-EU countries, as well as all applicants to study dentistry will sit it in Vienna.

The MedAT entrance exam for the Medical University of Innsbruck will be held in Innsbruck Exhibition Centre (approx. 3,470), that for the Medical University in Graz (3,139) either in the grounds of Graz Exhibition Centre, in the town hall and in Hall A. The entrance exam for the Medical Faculty of JKU Linz will be held in the Designcenter Linz and in Wels Exhibition Centre (around 820 candidates per location). An algorithm has been developed for allocating candidates to the Linz and Wels venues and, although this is essentially random, candidates with addresses in Linz and Wels will be allocated to the venue closest to them.

Stringent safety measures
The entrance exams will be conducted with maximum safety precautions to protect against coronavirus infection. The key aspects are: social distancing; wearing face masks, masks may only be removed during the exam itself; carefully regulated procedures for entering and leaving the exam venues – access will be via several completely separate entrances; specially adapted ventilation.

Growing interest
In general, interest in studying medicine continues to grow: 17,599 university applicants had signed up for the entrance exam by the end of March. In 2019, there were 16,443 registered candidates.

There are a total of 1,740 university places available for human medicine and dentistry for the 2020/21 academic year, 740 of these at the Medical University of Vienna (660 human medicine/80 dentistry), 400 at the Medical University of Innsbruck (360 human medicine/40 dentistry), 360 at the Medical University of Graz and 240 at the Medical Faculty of JKU Linz (as against 180 in 2019). At least 95% of the university places are reserved for EU citizens and those with equivalent rights of access to education and at least 75% of places for applicants with an Austrian school leaving certificate. This quota system only applies to the allocation of university places for medicine.