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Sleep – why it is so important and how to sleep soundly

New self-help book from MedUni Vienna in collaboration with MANZ Verlag
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(Vienna, 27 July 2020) People in Austria sleep for an average of between seven and eight hours a night. However, nearly one third of people have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night and this can happen as often as several times a week. This was the finding of a study into Austrian sleeping habits conducted by MedUni Vienna in 2017. The fact that nearly half of the 1,000 Austrians questioned at the time complained of broken sleep or sleeping problems of more than three month's duration, highlights the enormous everyday relevance of sleeping disorders. In his new self-help book "Der Schlaf" (Sleep), jointly published by MedUni Vienna and MANZ Verlag, Stefan Seidel, Head of the Sleep Laboratory at MedUni Vienna's Department of Neurology, looks at all the important aspects of sleep – from the evolution of sleeping behaviour through to sleeping disorders. And he gives the top, scientifically based practical tips for an even better night's sleep.

Human beings sleep for around one third of their lives. Sleep fulfils many different functions that are necessary for physical and mental well-being. However, we are seeing a significant rise in the incidence of sleep disorders among the population. In his recently published self-help book "Der Schlaf", sleep researcher Stefan Seidel from the Medical University of Vienna explains how to identify the various sleep disorders and continue to sleep well despite, or even with the aid of, modern technology. The book is now available in bookshops.

Based on the latest scientific findings, he explains how sleeping behaviour has changed over the course of human evolution, what happens in our bodies during the night and how the various sleep disorders can be diagnosed and treated. "Good quality sleep is based on good sleep hygiene and that means leading an active and balanced life, in harmony with our inner clock, that is characterised by a positive attitude towards ourselves and other people," stresses the Head of the Sleep Laboratory at MedUni Vienna.  

Together with the latest scientific findings and practical advice about sleeping, he describes various case studies to illustrate the nature of specific symptoms that are associated with sleep disorders. An exciting, informative and easy-to-understand reference book for a good or even better night's sleep.

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"Sleep", Stefan Seidel, MANZ Verlag Vienna in collaboration with MedUni Vienna, 176 pages, July 2020, ISBN: 978-3-214-18548-0; 23.90 EUR. Link to the book in MANZ online shop: