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A total of 15,129 applicants for medical studies

(Vienna/Innsbruck/Graz/Linz, 07-04-2016) On 31 March 2016, the registration deadline ended for the participation in the acceptance process of the medical universities in Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz as well as the medical faculty of the Johannes Kepler University Linz. A total of 15,129 applicants have registered for the joint acceptance processes MedAT on Friday, 8 July 2016. Thus, the interest in medical studies continues to be high: compared to the previous year, this signifies a clear increase of 1,088 applicants (2015 registered a total of 14,041).

The applications at the individual universities in detail:
-    A total of 7,519 persons (2015: 6,912) have bindingly registered for the acceptance test at MedUni Vienna. Of those 3,045 men (2015: 2,841) and 4,474 women (2015: 4,071).
-    A total of 3,626 persons (2015: 3,493) have bindingly registered at the Medical University Innsbruck. Of those 1,458 men (2015: 1,456) and 2,168 women (2015: 2,037).
-    MedUni Graz received a total of 3,178 applications (2015: 3,039), of those 1,345 men and 1,833 women (2015: 1,317/1,722).
-    In Linz (Medical faculty of JKU Linz) 806 persons (2015: 597) applied, of those 331 men (2015: 238) and 475 women (2015: 359).  

Acceptance process on 8 July 2016
The acceptance test for human medicine (MedAT-H) is a multipart, written process and - as the acceptance test for trainee dentists - is held at all medical universities on Friday, 8 July 2016.

The admission test for human medicine (MedAT-H) is a multipart, written process and segmented as follows:

•    Basic knowledge test medical studies (BMS): review of prior academic knowledge in the sectors biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics
•     Text comprehension: review of reading competency and comprehension of texts
•     Cognitive abilities and skills: this test consists of five task groups (numerical sequences, memory and retention, assembling figures, word fluency as well as recognising implications) and comprises cognitive basic abilities and skills
•     Social decision-making: This test part, developed for today's conditions, verifies the utilisation of different contemplations for decision-making.

MedAT-Z (acceptance test for dental medicine) is largely identical with MedAT-H. The test components of text comprehension as well as recognising implications are replaced by the review of manual skills.

All information regarding the acceptance tests for human and/or dental medicine as well as further links to the preparatory documentation and practice tests are available at the joint website of the medical universities and/or faculty under

1,500 study places at the Medical Universities in Austria, 120 places for human medicine at the Medical Faculty at JKU Linz
A total of 1,620 places are available in human and dental medicine for the coming study year, 740 of those at the Medical University Vienna, 400 at the Medical University Innsbruck, 360 at the Medical University Graz and 120 at the Medical Faculty at JKU Linz. The contingent regulation concluded by the National Council is applied also now: accordingly, 75% of the places are reserved for applicants with Austrian Matura certificates, 20% for applicants from EU member states and 5% for applicants of other countries.